Top 4 of Smackdown 10/5/12

It’s odd for me to watch a Smackdown and think all of the matches made the show, but that’s how this episode worked out.

4. Layla vs. Alicia Fox

Layla sort of came out looking like now that Kelly was gone she was going to take over as the resident beauty (though she was always more attractive). Her shorts became shorter, her hair became bigger and lighter, and luckily that’s where the comparisons end. She’s still a better wrestler and Alicia Fox made a great partner/opponent during this dance of women. And at 3:31 they didn’t skimp on the time to let them actually show off what they can do.

3. Team HellNo vs. David Otunga & Alberto Del Rio

My favorite part of all of this was Del Rio’s entrance. I love Orton, but seeing Del Rio even try to do the Orton sniff upon walking to the ring had me laughing so hard my cheeks were wet from the tears. Then it rolled into a match with a tag team they are actually at least using and giving time to shine. It’s all so confusing when something is actually doing something it should be. But, predictably, Otunga was the one pinned. WWE gets too worried about protecting certain men that it’s obvious when certain people will lose, and how they’ll lose. Sort of like the next match.

2. The Miz vs. Sheamus

Sheamus has now lost 2 matches in a row on television. Before this he was on a 25 match winning streak (televised). I knew Big Show was going to interrupt, I just wasn’t sure how it would cost Sheamus the match. Punching out Miz did it. It was weak, but it wasn’t bad. The match, however, was enjoyable and Miz shows off his talents he’s come across since returning from filming a movie (which they talk about every time he’s out there) and Sheamus, really, is quite the talented athlete. It worked, the ending, not so much.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk

This one is a bit obvious, but it’s so right in so many ways. Earlier tonight I said Sheamus was trying to weasel himself into three of the top four matches of the week (I have yet to watch Superstars at this point) and then this match happened. Punk and Ziggler had a rough spot that they pulled off brilliantly and Heyman is a great addition for Punk. I do agree with the majority, though, that Vickie does not need to be Ziggler’s mouthpiece any longer. I like Vickie, and honestly she can give a heel heat better than some heels can do it themselves, but Ziggler’s there, he’s been there. Now they are using Vickie to keep the fans from cheering for him. Let them cheer and celebrate. He’s worth it.

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