Ladies and gentlemen, we present Episode 1 of BATGIRL: SPOILED!

We want to thank everyone for waiting so patiently while we ironed out the last few wrinkles.

What you are about to watch (or have just watched) is the first of two episodes designed to establish the rest of the series. In about 30 days you should see Episode 2, which will resolve this episode’s cliffhanger. Then we will begin exploring Gotham along with Stephanie as she tries to recover from her “No Good Very Bad Day.”

We filmed both episodes together, and Episode 2 is in post-production right now. We can’t tell you exactly when it’s going to drop, but like Episode 1 at Comikaze, we’re looking for a comics convention to host the official premiere. News coming soon, folks!

We would also like to thank everyone who was involved in making this series possible, and who has shown their support thus far. This episode is “streets ahead” of what we produced for the teaser/trailer and we are aiming for Episode 3 and beyond to be “streets ahead” of these first two installments. We are learning the art of producing on a micro-budget (i.e. – nearly nothing) and each time we warm up the cameras it gets better and better.

Another big shout out goes to our star, Marisha Ray (@Marisha_Ray), for fighting for days of shooting in that very hot suit (literally and metaphorically). We may have almost killed her, but we have it on good authority she thinks it was all worth it.

Please like, share, and favorite this episode. Please tell your friends. So many people have sacrificed so much to make this happen and we want to get the episode out to as many people as we can. We appreciate your help, too!

In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing an “FAQ” that explains why we made the choices we did in this episode and the series. Do you have questions you want answered? Tweet them at us care of @batgirlspoiled.

Our website is having a minor technical issue, but it should be up soon along with cast and crew bios and more. Stay tuned!

Please visit us on Facebook ( and become part of the community.

After all this work it feels strange to put this out into the world. We hope you like it. We certainly do.

Thank you for all the Stephanie-love. We’ll be eating waffles tonight in celebration… or perhaps donuts. Mmmmm bat-pastries.

BATGIRL: SPOILED is in no way affiliated with DC COMICS or WARNER BROS.

BATGIRL: SPOILED is a not-for-profit web-series and not intended for sales of any sort.

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