Countdown to Halloween Day 14. Lil’ Monsters. The Blair Witch Project.

Part of the Countdown to Halloween, a collection of all your favorite funky blogs from across the interwebs, putting up daily horror based posts for your enjoyment.  Check out the official Countdown site for a list of more blogs than you can shake a curse at!


I’m not sure that today’s piece came out quite right but lets post it and then talk about it.  So check out today’s work:


So here’s how this one came about.  I was trying to figure out a Blair Witch Project but that’s kind of tough when the witch was never seen in the movie.  And I will say nothing about that horrible sequel.  Well, nothing for now.  I think I’ll rewatch both of them sometime soon and form a more adult opinion of each.  Anyways, how to work a witch into the picture?  Out of no where I thought of Broom Hilda.  Yes, the “classic” comic strip character.  Did you know she debuted in 1970?  The whole concept seems like it should have been much much older.  Anyways, I’m still knocking around the idea of using Broom Hilda in one of these daily drawings.  While researching images from both the Blair Witch movie and the Broom Hilda comic strip I came up with this idea.  The iconic image from the movie of the man standing in the time out corner, plus Broom Hilda’s troll friend Irwin seemed like a great mash up.  Lets see if any of you agree.

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