EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS (vol 3) #3 Comes This February from Aspen Comics.

The huge Extinction story continues!  Aspen’s biggest story to date heats up while the weather is cold.  Bring your parka and your money to the comic shop.  Then make sure to purchase the whole Extinction story.

Some preview cover art and Aspen Comics’ official solicitation is down below for your viewing pleasure.


David Wohl – Writer /Alex Lei– Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

The Extinction continues!

Working with the CIA, Iris learns that the powerful and malevolent arms dealer Mazutsu is off limits to the Agency, a fact that piques her interest further. Covertly, Iris heads to New Delhi, India in search of her friend Lotus, but surprisingly discovers a deadly battle already in progress, along with the arrival of some rather violent “friends” as well!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS vol 3 #3 is in stores February 2013!


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