The FATHOM: BLUE DESCENT Graphic Novel Comes This February from Aspen Comics.

One of the best Aspen Matthews stories yet is collected in this amazing trade paperback this coming February.  Sure that’s a long time away, but that’s all the more reason you should be buying it.  No financial excuses!  Put that latte down and put the money you would have spent in an envelope marked “Fathom”.  Be sure to tell your favorite local comic book store that you want to guarantee a copy will be in your mitten covered hands in a few short months.

Aspen Comics has been nice enough to provide the following preview of this book.  See you on the stands!


David Schwartz – Story / Alex Sanchez ; Scott Clark – Art / Peter Steigerwald ; John Starr – Colors

Michael Turner’s Fathom is explored to new depths in FATHOM: BLUE DESCENT!

Aspen Matthews is the link between the world we know and the world below, but the secrets of her past have always remained shrouded in mystery-until now! Absaloma is Aspen’s father and a member of the Blue, searching for answers to his own purpose within the ever-changing landscape under the surface. However, his self-exploration takes a back seat for a search far more important to his livelihood – the search for his captive wife—and Aspen’s mother–Eilah! Kidnapped by the race known as The Black, Eilah’s lurid nightmares of this mythical species came to horrifying life when their arrival indeed turned into a reality. Now, with a new focused determination and motivation, it is up to Abseloma and his trusted childhood friend Zo to rescue his wife!

FATHOM: BLUE DESCENT TPB is in stores February 2013!

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