#HashtagHorror The Grey

REGALSAYS: A Liam Nesson offering here. Coming off successful roles in Batman Begins and reinvented action hero status in Taken we see him take on a bunch of wolves. It lacks in places but its worth a watch for a time filler.

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror So help me if this is another Asian horror i’ll… I’ll… I’ll complain more!

JakeGronie This is a really good movie, going to be hard to riff on. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I get the feeling I’m going to be the only one watching that won’t enjoy this movie. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Wish Undertaker was in this #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie Is Liam in a space suit? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 looks like he walked into the fight club. Shh. don’t talk about it. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror I remember my disappointment when I first learned that this wasn’t a documentary about Gandalf.

jmt5887 I miss my wife. so I’m trying to drink myself to death #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Wolves are just like fast zombies, they don’t give a shit. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Nice shot. you just killed Jacob. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Looks like Gandalf auditions for Star Wars and get BattleStar Galactica instead #HashTagHorror

jmt5887 do it so we end this movie early. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Then he shared a pint of Jameson like when Groundskeeper Willy fought the wolf. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Wait Liam, that’s not the bong gun! #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie One does not call Liam Neeson Bro. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 You just got snow on this letter I wrote designed to torture myself. You’re going to die. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror confirmed Liam Neeson does not like the window seat

jmt5887 This plane is shaking too much. It’s going crash! #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Always trust the dude who says he saw some shit on Discovery Channel. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror “We gonna die, Bro. HAHAHA!”

jmt5887 He was dreaming such a nice dream. why’d you have to violently wake him up like that. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Just chillin’ back here #HashTagHorror

jmt5887 and Boom goes the dynomite! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Rub your chest. Your arms will take care of themselves.

jmt5887 When I asked for White sheets this is not what I had in mind. Ridiculous. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 There’s debris all around you but of course the plane couldn’t have possibly crashed. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Welcome to ALIVE #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Thank Gawd Liam Neeson has a good set of skills for this #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 I’m going to be honest with you here. you’re a minor character so you have no chance of living. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Hipster glasses #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie Um yeah, he just fucking died. It was a plane crash. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Any bets on who will eat that guy? #hashtaghorror

reedracer You are gonna die. Try writing your name in the snow with your sucking chest wound! #HashTagHorror

jmt5887 Yes he fucking died. That you before this movie is over. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold So everyone on board participate in No Shave November? Sea of beards. #hashtaghorror

stateofthelinds Yes, he just fucking died. #HashTagHorror

JakeGronie If I was in a disaster I would trust whatever Liam Neeson said even if he’s just an actor. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 that was a lovely set of hair. too bad no hot women survived. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold I hope they find a tauntaun to live in #hashtaghorror

reedracer That’s not what I would suggerst doing with the bodies #HashTagHorror

SpinninToeHold nWo Wolfpac in the hizhouse #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie If he did turn into a wolf man I’d love it. #HashtagHorror

reedracer LOL, Falls count anywhere RT @jmt5887 Round 1. liam vs the wolf. Wolf wins by DQ. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold The wolves took his daughter #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie Whoooa here she comes, she’s a man eater! #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold I want to see Liam Neeson in a JAWS remake. #random #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Dead body swag #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 You bastard graverobber! how dare you still from the dead! Liam is pissed. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds Did they learn nothing from Lost?! They’re not coming for you #HashTagHorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror “I’m gonna start beating the shit out of you in five seconds.”

reedracer You could be enemies with them, but did you ever think to go all Jack London up in here? #HashTagHorror

reedracer I’m all about dead body swag! #ACIII #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Everybody be cool…what is this Pulp Fiction? #hashtaghorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror The anti-wolf propaganda is strong in this movie.

stateofthelinds I bet it’s the smoke monster #HashTagHorror

stateofthelinds I could have done a better monster with two flashlights #HashTagHorror

TheSupremeForce Traditional Survivor Series Match RT @jmt5887: Hi I’m back for round 2. and I brought Friends. Ha ha! #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Mark Henry got skinny for this role #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold Where’s the sparkly vampires when you need them? #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold That wolf got head….literally. #hashtaghorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror That’s what they mean by “pissing your life away.”

jmt5887 Round 2 goes to the Wolfs. KO! poor black man. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Oh noes, zombies ate Hernandez! #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold worst episode of Survivor ever #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie I want these mother fucking wolves my my mother fucking plane wreck! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Yes I mean we have to fight them or die trying. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie I want these mother fucking wolves off my mother fucking plane wreck! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Time to split up.. everyone that wants to live come with me everyone that wants to die good luck. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky? Why are they going to the only place the den could be? #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Asshole it right, I think they’ll be able to figure out whose dead. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I’m going sit here and complain about everything. I’m an asshole. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 awkward moment of silence. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Seems to me you just turn your pretty head and walk away. #HashtagHorror #JamesGang

SpinninToeHold “Owwww FUCK” greatest line ever #hashtaghorror


jmt5887 Picking them off one by one. Death comes a calling. Wolfs are winning this survivor series in dominating fashion. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 we got to take his wallet too. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Legendary could get Danny Glover for generic older black man but this movie couldn’t? #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror They forgot the rules. “Don’t turn your back on the Wolfpack.”

JakeGronie Liam should just dial up the wolf leader and give them the speel from taken and they’d back off. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Same thing happens when I light a fire. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Literal boom sticks. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Yeah, but did they grab the T.P.? RT @stateofthelinds Okay, I would be peeing my pants right now. #hashTagHorror

jmt5887 oh yes lets throw explosive shells near a roaring fire. that ought to be a smart idea. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Macgyver is not bull shit. #HashtagHorror

stateofthelinds My mom ALWAYS calls during #HashTagHorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror I’m going to hire some wolf bodyguards.

reedracer Karma dogs to the rescue! #hashTagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashTagHorror at least he is making sure the fucker is dead

JakeGronie I’m going to have the NWO Wolfpack theme stuck in my head all movie. #HashtagHorror

reedracer You dogs hush, Can’t you see the freaking fire?! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 They have been killing us so I’m going to skin this thing and eat it! #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror his Titus O’Neil impression does not amuse me

JakeGronie I liked Jack Kerouac’s Howl better. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 it’s at this point the Liam begins to lose his mind becoming one with the wolfs. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I probably should not be eating KFC while watching this movie. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce The other guys. RT @JakeGronie: “I just want to fuck one more time.” There’s four other guys, what’s stopping you? #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Story time #hashtaghorror

reedracer Theory of a Deadman #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Of course the black guy dies. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie That neck tattoo is still better than Chris Brown’s. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold There can only be one #hashtaghorror

jmt5887 Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go. #HashtagHorror

reedracer They telegraphed that one, lol. Umm, load test the line? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 When bungee jumping goes wrong. HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold I just shit my pants at that camera angle #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie My glasses! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 i get the feeling someone is about to fall to their deaths here. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Homer Simpson fall #hashtaghorror

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror The Rock takes that bump in every movie!

SpinninToeHold Sooooo much snow #hashtaghorror

reedracer The river only makes noise when you are far away… #hashTagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror is this where Ra’s Al Ghul forms the League of Shadows?

SpinninToeHold Was that a Final Destination reference? #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie Oil can! Oil can! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 and then there really was 2 as the black haired guy decides to give up and surrender to the wolfs. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Final Boss

jmt5887 Final boss battle. Liam vs all the wolfs. who will be the sole survivor. #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold Bag of wallets woooo #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror *looks through the bag* now where’s that wallet with Bad Motherfucker on it?

SpinninToeHold Did they shop at the same wallet store? Shit. #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold At the end he turns into Bruce Campbell #hashtaghorror

SpinninToeHold It’s the NOTHING #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie Reminds me the hyena’s den in The Lion King. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie Is that the mom from Walking Dead? #HashtagHorror

SpinninToeHold She was dying? I am so not crying right now…*cries* #hashtaghorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror the only line perfectly summing this up would be Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs “You wanna fuck with me?!”

SpinninToeHold Cheap Wolverine motherfuckers #comeatmebro #hashtaghorror

JakeGronie Talk about a poor man’s Wolverine. #HashtagHorror

JakeGronie “Based on a short story.” Man they really must have stretched that out. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror I’m sure in the mood to go fight some wolves after that.

jmt5887 We can’t show Liam Neeson dying so we’ll leave that to your imagination. have a good night folks. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 This was a good 3 out of 5 star movie. I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. #HashtagHorror


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