Soulfire (Vol.4) #3 Preview from Aspen Comics. Coming out this December 12th!

The fine folks at Aspen Comics were nice enough to once again send Team Hellions a preview of that which is to come.  The Soulfire series continues to twist and turn and blow the fans minds.

One of the most unpredictable comics on the shelves today, Soulfire not only doesn’t play by the rules, it doesn’t know there are any rules.

Check out some more covers, then stay tuned to read Aspen’s official solicitation for this title.  If you’re good there will be a reward.  What kind of reward you ask?  How about some preview of interior pages!  That’s right.  Okay, be good.  We’ll get started.





SOULFIRE (vol 4) #3

J.T. Krul – Story / Mike DeBalfo – Art / Nei Ruffino


Michael Turner’s epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!


Infected by the poisonous sickness plaguing her body, Grace’s dragon manifestation of fire and chaos devastates the city of Rome, while Malikai and friends come to grips with the harsh reality that something unthinkable must be done in order to stop her. Meanwhile, Sarin’s rule begins to strain under the weight of his own agenda—as his decisions lead to deadly results for those closest to him!


From veteran SOULFIRE scribe J.T. Krul, and featuring the amazing art of Michael DeBalfo along with fan favorite colorist Nei Ruffino, this is the SOULFIRE tale three volumes in the making! New and returning fans will NOT want to miss out as the biggest SOULFIRE story ever told continues right here!


SOULFIRE (vol 4) #3 is in stores December 12th, 2012!


FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99





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