Toys. Marvel Comics Mega Bloks Blind Bag.

That’s right.  More toy reviews for you.  Inspired by my friends and fellow bloggers in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers I’ll be showcasing many of the toys in my collection.  Some will be available for sale or trade.  Some hold a place of honor in the geek filled Hellions home library.  Today lets look at one of the great new gimmicks in toys, the blind bag.



Also you’re going to join me as I figure out the best way to take pictures for the site.  This post was done with an iPod and as you’re about to see it will be one of the last times I use that camera.  (There will be one more post with that camera, and that’s only because all of the pictures were already taken before I saw the lack of quality.)

Anyways, that bag you see above is called a blind bag.  The gimmick is that a comic book or cartoon or movie or some other sort of character line will have many many figures packaged in the same bag.  Which means there’s no way of knowing who you get unless you buy the bag and open it up.  Sure, there are some tricks.  A few companies have number codes on the bag that can be deciphered.  Some figures are so oddly shaped a good squeeze of the bag will reveal the contents inside.  But the hunt is part of the fun.

This time the hunt brought me… Iron Man!


I’m upset with myself for not taking a picture of all the pieces.  But yeah, Iron Man comes with assembly required.  Its all ball and socket joints which are super easy to put together, and even easier to figure out how to put together.  The only problem is the tight fit.  (I don’t watch the Office.  Who is this “she” you expect me to quote?)  The head was especially tough and I worried I was going to break the figure before he was complete.



These are looking less like repulsor rays and more like he’s juggling fireballs.  Live every night in Vegas!


Would you mind getting the camera out of my face?

Seriously, what the hell is up with this camera?  I can read that wrestling poster two rooms away clearer than I can see this toy.  But even in the haze, that’s one super detailed toy for the price.  Great colors, great designs, and those two energy blasts snap on and off free of charge!


Even the legs are detailed.  Look at those quads.  How many squats can you do Tony?  He’s probably more of a stair climber kind of guy.  Sets up the iPad right there.  Well, as long as he doesn’t have to take any pictures with it.   How pissed do you imagine Tony Stark would be with a shitty tablet camera?


“Look at all the fucks I give!”


Well.  Damn Iron Man.  Must be a Marvel MAX title.

Anyways, these little guys are loads of fun and dirt cheap but I would only buy them for the proper collection.  Miniatures, or an all Iron Man shelf would be happy to have this little guy.  But if you’re buying just to buy he’s going to become lost and unloved.  And that just causes him to drink.

Aint that right Tony?  Tony?  Mr Stark?  Iron Man where are you going?!

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