Toys. Young Justice Ra’s Al Ghul and Cheshire.

Recently I told you all about buying the Red Arrow, Arsenal, scourge of cats figure at Marshall’s for a low low price.  I think this score may have that beat.

That’s right.  Eleven dollars was the first clearance price.  So that probably means, what, 15 bucks originally?  Then many mark downs later and I get two figures for 3 dollars.  Worst of all, this wasn’t the last one on the shelf.  Hidden behind many many unsold toys from the Green Lantern movie.  No there was a row of about 20 or so of these.  Damn shame too.  They’re some pretty nice figures.  I guess we now know why the show got cancelled.

OK, so its not cancelled officially yet but we all smell the blood in the water.

Anyways, lets take a closer look at these toys.

They stand shorter and less detailed than that Red Arrow figure I bought a while back.  Which means there were two scales of Young Justice figures.  Part of the failure?  Who knows.  But it probably didn’t help any.  They fit in nicely for that new scale that most of the Marvel and DC figures are coming in.  Not quite perfect, but good enough to stand next to them.  Which I plan on doing soon once I finally unbox all the ones sitting in the Hellions library.

As you can see I placed them next to the Red Arrow prop for scale.  Where only Arsenal could fit before, there is now room for two.  So much smaller.  Plus I have someone’s arms there for a build a figure.  I really cant remember who I’m supposed to build with these.  Amazo?  I’ll never collect all of the pieces so I’m really not that worried about it.  And you never know.  I end up at enough yard sales and thrift shops that I might stumble my way into creating a brand new figure.  But its not likely.

High atop a Gotham building Ra’s sends his minion into battle!  But wait.  Who is that who stands against them?  Who shoots these red arrows of Justice?  Maybe its Green Axe.  Or the Orange Bullet.  Perhaps the Mauve Mace.  Aw no silly, its the Red Arrow.  You know, because those are red arrows.

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