Fun with Spam #1.

Hello and welcome to Fun with Spam.  Anytime some good spam shows up as comments here on the site or in email I’ll share it with all of you.  For example:

Ardent love muscle is required for a babe romp!

From:  Kum Fried

Hello there, hot womanizer! We are searching for a smashing hot womanizer
to entertain babes one of these nights. We are planning to get to a restricted birthday party
and you’ll be the only love muscle admitted! Join our party


I don’t know how many email lists I’ve signed up for under the name “hot womanizer”.  Its awful when stuff comes in the mail.  “Mr Hot Womanizer”.  Please.  Mr Hot Womanizer was my father’s name.

Would they like me to be smashing, or am I to smash someone?  Perhaps a hot womanizer type of someone.

I cant wait to entertain babes one of these nights.  How’s tomorrow for you?  Yeah, I gotta work Friday too.  Lets try to do some entertaining one of these weekend nights.

If the party is restricted why am I being admitted?  And how can it be guaranteed I’ll be the only love muscle?  Also, there are more love muscles than just the penis.  Llllllllladies?

Anyways, that’s been Fun with Spam.


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