Fun with Spam #2.

Welcome to an all new Fun with Spam.  Lets look at some random odd spam that has ended up in one of the many accounts used to run this site.

This one was a spam comment on the site:

No one knows .I like your sense of humorI like ice-cream.None of us is afraid of difficulties.They charged the fault on him.His words are strongly impressed on my memory.He repaired his house.The truth is quite other than what you think.The sweater is of good quality.How ever you may work hard, the boss will not be fully satisfied.


No one knows any one who likes my sense of humor.  So its okay.  Even my wife refuses to laugh at my jokes most of the time.  She says it will just encourage me.

I also like ice cream.  Actually, fun fact, I’m going to have some right after posting this article.

None of us is afraid of difficulties.  That’s right.  I’m not afraid of having to get up and get the ice cream.  I think I’ll eat it slow though, to avoid ice cream headaches.  Maybe that is something I’m afraid of.

I hate it when someone charges the fault on me.  Happens all the time at work.  Kevin this is your fault! No it isn’t, I didn’t even work that day.  Yes you did!  You’re not my mother, fuck you!

Seriously, sometimes I’m shocked I still have a job.  I expect to be fired at least every other day I’m there.

Whose words are strongly impressed on your memory?  Not mine I hope.  We just established I’m full of shit.  I just made up a story not two lines ago!

“He repaired the house.”  Oh.  Well, fucking good.  If I’m going to impart something strong on a person’s memory the least they can do is put up some vinyl siding for me.  I am sick of painting.  Then there’s all the ladders, and I get tired.  Its just a nightmare.  A nightmare of paint.

Also, repaired sounds wrong.  Fixed the house.  Renovated.  Repaired?  No.  Things inside the house are repaired.  The sink, the toilet, the floor, the cupboards.  But not the entire house spoken of as a unit.

The Truth is always quite other than I think.  Also, it may quite other set me free as well.

My boss can never be fully satisfied.  I really want to tell some stories from there.  Crazy stuff happened last night and today.  But, in the off chance that someone at that day job has cracked the code and reads my posts, it might be best to not say anything publicly.


And this has been Fun with Spam.

Enjoy your Derpy.

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