#HashtagHorror Dog Soldiers

REGALSAYS: Aliens meets The Wolfman in a great horror flick that plays it for laughs and delivers on that count. 

It is what it is and not to be taken seriously but if you switch off you will enjoy it!

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Dog Soldiers!

reedracer Wow, talk about timing! Woof I am in #HashtagHorror Dog Soldiers!

Kristoffrable A little more orange and she’ll look like Triple H from ‘The Chaperone.’ #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Nice to know we are in Scotland. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Could you unzip that a little slower doggie? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The mean old doggy killed that horny lady. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns Only 2 mins in, this is already a shit movie. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Starts slow, eh? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Beating a man with a flashlight? Always use a Maglite! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Just kill the dog. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns that dog just got served. #HashtagHorror

reedracer That’s good, ’cause you are not in the least bit funny #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 “It’s just a dog” remember that when it friends attack later on. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Hehe, Highlands of Scotland. There can be only one, right? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable I don’t think I’ve ever seen a helicopter land so…slowly. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Pure doggeral #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Time for the war games. Who will be the sole survivor. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns FULL ON FOOTY WAR? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Do you think they could have faker looking guns? #HashtagHorror

reedracer Did that chopper have “Army/Ch 4 Traffic” written on the side? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Wait, that soldier’s name is Joe? first name G.I.? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Are there any women out there that would have a “footie” with me while I watch this? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I need my brain bucket. Afterall I’m missing a football game for this Shit. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Oh, I get it, this movie is the Predator with dogs! Brilliant! #HashtagHorror

reedracer Soooo, this is the Queen’s English, eh? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Let’s whistle like idiots and give away our positions. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Are they trying to whistle a tune from The Hobbit on their way to Smaug’s layer? If so, they’re quite out of key. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Spiders, and women…spider women. Another LOTR reference. WTF! #HashtagHorror

reedracer They don’t look like steers. #HashtagHorror #Whistle

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror Spiders… And women. Spider women.

jmt5887 Story time. Welcome aboard tattoo. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable I didn’t need a movie to make me jealous about how I don’t have an accent! #HashtagHorror

reedracer +1 Pike warfare! RT @VrySrsBsns why don’t british soldiers dress like beefeaters? it would make this movie more enjoyable. #HashtagHorror

reedracer This story? Not funny either. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 This story is more interesting then this whole movie will be. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Damn! I thought it was a spider-woman! #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns “i think i shit myself” well either you have or haven’t. it’s not hard to figure out which it is. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable “spooked by a dead flying fucking cow” Do they do that normally do that, of course I’d be spooked, asshat! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Sudden attack from dead cows. This is how mad cow disease started. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable We further descend into Highlander status as a sword emerges. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Yeah, that’s it, they need a shave. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror you fucking pussy, hit me!

jmt5887 I’m doing the best that I can. I’m not ducking MacGyver. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable “I came for the wildlife, stayed for the assholes running in the forest.” #HashtagHorror

reedracer No bodies, just blood, lol RT @SolaceWinter Every month. There’s a female/werewolf/moon phase joke in here somewhere. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I thought this was supposed to be dogs. Werewolves is such a cop out. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable So highly strung guy, you just happen to have silver bullets? Sounds expensive; try again. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror pull your weight, do the job. That’s what midcarders are told before a Cena match.

jmt5887 Everyone needs someone, No one wants to admit it because they expect anyone else to do it. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable “A pile of rancid shit.” Does it come any other way? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Why do you keep cutting back to the guy chewing his gum, doing the same look back? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The lights are out. Time for the deaths to pile up. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns why does no one shoot the werewolves in the face? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Yes do hide in front of the door. I’m sure they can’t break through it. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Growls like a dog, squeals like a pig…Dog Soldiers! #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Convenient just landing on the couch there. Did your gun get fired by the werewolf too? I just don’t know… #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Did that werewolf have a hook hand? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Was that a propane tank. I’m sure that will make a nice budget busting explosion #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The wolves have finally broke into the house. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Interesting to see that the werewolves in this flick see the world in cheesy black and white horror vision. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That dog just showed you, its no pussy. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns why does she keep saying 50 miles? i thought they used kilometers. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Convenient that there’s no one around in 50 miles. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable And they’re keeping the perpetual pessimist alive, why? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 We just need to survive a couple more hours. #HashtagHorror

reedracer Piss and Chips? #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Why does that one guy look like a grossly underweight/underheight Batista? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Everyone is jumpy like Mexican jumping beans. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Piece of piss? What is that? I am so out of my zone! #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable I bet the Batista wannabe was like “oh yeah, didn’t break my legs falling from the window.” #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 The kill from the wolves point of view. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Hey idiot. Run! #HashtagHorror

reedracer Don’t cut the rope, Puppy just wants to play! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 So a camera keeps these things at bay. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That guy will never get ahead in life now. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns i am sick and tired of these mothafuckin werewolves on this mothafuckin farm. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 So much for that plan. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror he went out like a champ there.

jmt5887 The moment when this guy snapped is here. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable They designed dolphins to put mines on submarines? No fucking way! I call bullshit! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Needs more explosions to be the expendables #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 So all along that guy was one of them. So that dog was trying to save them. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 I just knew that propane tank would come in handy. #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns i guess we’re just ignoring the fact that “sarge” is now infected & turning? #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror handy amount of wood to barricade the windows.

Kristoffrable If the A-Team were here, they would have barricaded the windows with someone better than wood that they broke through already #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 “I am a professional damn it.” Words said after making this movie #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable And you just so happen to have a Molotov Cocktail on you? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Of course the matches didn’t work. Good thing we had that liquor bottle on fire as a backup. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Is that Adele’s not even as remotely or attractive sister? #HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns OH SHIT RUSSO SWERVE #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable “It’s that time of the month” which means you turn into a werewolf? I had it wrong this whole time! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That was the period joke every one of these movies seem to have in it #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Good job. You locked yourself in the bathroom. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror if these guys had Hardcore Holly on their side they’d kill them in half the time.

Kristoffrable “Punching Werewolves” is Kevin Smith’s next movie. A sequel to “Chasing Amy.” #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Damn, that werewolf did a nice hip toss to that Batista wannabe. I didn’t even know they could do that. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Smart idea. Boxing the wolf should go over real well. #HashtagHorror


jmt5887 I’m throwing everything but the kitchen sink at these things. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Somehow 48 bullets is lasting a long time. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable Is that Colin Quinn look a like carrying around a picture of Bruce Lee? #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 One last explosion. Blow up the house using the gas oven. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable That’s one way to “blow the roof offa this place.” #HashtagHorror

reedracer Bomb proof floors, a lifesaver! #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That one was definitely the explosion that wiped out the budget. #HashtagHorror

FamousPlewa #HashtagHorror there is no spoon.

jmt5887 The dog just saved you from having to eat a bloody tree limb. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 Congrats you are the sole survivor of War games at world war 3. #HashtagHorror

jmt5887 That was a terrible movie. #HashtagHorror

Kristoffrable WTF was this? Moral? Ummm…fuck…werewolves = women during “their time of the month.” #HashtagHorror

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