My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 Review.

From IDW, Katie Cook, Andy Price.


I’ll let you all in on a little secret.  We love My Little Pony.  It started out as a joke to see what the big deal was.  So we watched a couple of episodes on Netflix.  Now there are numerous figures in the collection, the iPhone app is played non stop and at least two t-shirts with many more to be bought.  Its the worst of addictions, the kind that sneaks in until you’re overwhelmed and buried under Hasbro toys.   Of course I had to buy issue 1 today!

I’m pleased to tell you its a really fun comic.  True to the source and easy enough for even a new fan to pick up.  But how many people are going to buy this without ever watching the show?  No this review is for the Bronies and the Pegasisters out there.  Lets tell everypony about this book.

My Little Pony starts the seasons with two part episodes featuring a big bad who can only be defeated through the powers of friendship.  Every pony has their own skill, and those skills combined form Captain Planet Pony.  I mean, those skills combined can defeat evil.  This opener is no different.  The Changelings are converting the citizens of Ponyville into mindless zombies.  Or zombie clones.  Zombie doppelgangers?  Anyways, the ponies have to team up to save their friends and then its off to conquer this neigh-farious foe.

As a story, its not bad.  Young, goofy, silly, simple but not stupid.  I would hand this comic book proudly to any child, and any adult as well.  The writing is much like the show, kid friendly and an adult’s guilty pleasure.  The art does justice to every character and every nuance of the show.  From Pinkie Pie’s expressions to a masterful solution to the problem of showing Fluttershy’s um, shyness, on the page.

Plus, every fan will love the cameos throughout the book.  I’m still on season two of the show but I’ll be sure to reread this book when I’m all caught up.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that I only got half the jokes hidden within.

MLP: FIM #1 does a great job of being perfect for both fans of the show and comic book readers.  IDW knows how to respect a property.

And yes, Derpy Hooves appears.


  1. I wish I could buy one, they’re not sold in Perú… maybe when they make the translation to spanish (I watch the MLP version in its original language on Youtube)

    You must watch the Cutie Mark Crusaders singing “Babs Seed”. It is freaking ADORABLE!!! Also the animation has improved and it is so awesome!


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