The League: Shelf Expression.


Damn you Brian!  Damn you to hell!

This.  This one simple thing has completely ruined my week:

Post a photo of a shelf of items that displays your love for pop culture.

Well ever since this came up I’ve spent the last week rearranging the home library.  I’m already trying to be less of an accumulator and more of a collector.  Now someone wants me to take pictures of this mess?  And within a week’s time?!  Unpossible.

So I’ve been pulling items from the shelves, cleaning, rearranging, displaying and all that stuff.  I’m still not done.  All I have are some trash bags, some storage boxes, and piles upon piles of things on the floor.  But I have Monday off of work so maybe I can accomplish some more.  In the mean time I’ll show you some pictures of the work in progress:





I’ll work in links to the rest of the League in an update tomorrow morning.  But Brain needs this link!  Check back tomorrow for more!



Elsewhere around the League!


  1. I hear that. I took a pass on this week’s assignment because my house is an absolute wreck. I’m in the midst of re-painting my office, which is where I keep all my cool stuff, and I’ve started decorating for Christmas so there’s boxes everywhere. This fell on a bad week for me.

    Ponies = win.

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