CHIKARA “Under The Hood” Results.

CHIKARA presents “Under The Hood”

December 2, 2012 @ The Trocadero in Philadephia, PA

Live on iPPV through


1.       3. 0 defeated F.I.S.T. by pinfall to pick up their third point for title contention.

2.       Icarus pinned Dasher Hatfield after the Wings of Icarus. Sugar Dunkerton accidently hit Hatfield with Icarus’ fanny pack.

3.       JigsawThe SharddeviANT, and Soldier Ant defeated Mike QuackenbushFire AntGreen Ant, and assailANTwhen deviANT pinned assailANT. During the match, assailANT jumped in front of a Jigsaw Superkick intended for Quack. After the match, assailANT left with Quack, Green Ant, Fire Ant, and Soldier Ant who was left behind by his team.

4.       “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti pinned ACH with assistance from Veronica and her baton, to retain the Young Lions Cup.


*Following the match, Veronica was crowned Homecoming Queen. Mr. Touchdown was shocked when The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger made his way out and announced as Homecoming King. The two battled until The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger sent Mr. Touchdown crashing to the outside of the ring. The Homecoming King and Queen then shared a dance in the ring. Veronica attempted to unmask The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger but was stopped and told she had a surprise. She was surprised, as The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger poured a bucket of slop on her. Then to everyone’s surprise, The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger unmasked himself to reveal that he was Archibald Peck. Condor Security then stormed the ring to muscle Peck out of the building.


5.        Sidney Bakabella made his way out to make clear that he was looking for the third point for the Devastation Corporation, which they got when they defeated Los Ice Creams by pinfall with the Death Blow. Devastation Corporation also came out with a new member.

6.       The Spectral Envoy of UltraMantis BlackHallowickedFrightmareCrossbones, and Blind Rage defeatedDeliriousOphidianKodamaObariyon, and Kobald. UltraMantis Black pinned Delirious, who had been tormenting him much of the season. During the match, Ophidian spotted a group of fans all in Amasis masks. The fans all unmasked until the real Amasis was left, who stared down his former partner.

7.       The Young Bucks defeated Marty Jannetty and The 1-2-3 Kid, two falls to one, to retain the Campeonatos de Parejas.

8.       Eddie Kingston pinned Tim Donst to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship, after thwarting off interference from Jakob Hammermeier and hitting Donst with the Backfist to the Future multiple times.


*CHIKARA will be part of National Pro Wrestling day on February 2, 2013 and the official start of next season on the following weekend. Visit for more information.

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