How the WWE Universe is Predicting the TLC pay per view Tonight!



Once again Twitter followers have given their picks and best guesses for the monthly WWE PPV.  This month 119 fans of World Wrestling Entertainment have predicted the show, and we have the break down for you!  What matches do the fans think are far too predictable?  Which ones have the WWE Universe split?  Read on to find out.

55 fans pick Katilyn to win the Divas battle royal.  That gives her a huge majority percentage of just over 46%.  Coming in second is AJ with 24%.  Ouch.  AJ has been pulled from this match.  Looks like a few fans are going to start the night down one.  Layla is in third with 15%.  Next down is Tamina who drops to only 8%.  Rounding out the fan picks are Natalya 4%, Alicia 2% and Aksana tied with Eve 1%.


Most fans pick Big Show over Sheamus.  In fact Big Show leads with 62% of the votes.  Just over a 2/3 majority.  Now here is where things get to be surprising.  62% is actually one of the lowest numbers of the night.  Oh yes, it seems like the WWE Universe sees every result coming.

The only other match with less of a chosen winner is for the Intercontinental title.   Barrett has 55% of the fans behind him.  Still an overwhelming majority, but not as much as the later numbers.  Kofi should cherish his 45% right now.

Dolph Ziggler leads with 87% of fans hoping he will win.  It is the move that makes the most sense, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.    We can hope for something long overdue tonight.

The Shield also have 62% of fans voting for a big win for these upstarts tonight.  Its a huge amount of pressure to debut on TV and be pushed right into a main event match.  Hopefully these guys have the talent to belong there.

82% of the fans see Antonio Cesaro retaining the United States championship tonight.  I’m sure Solace is not one of them, but I’m still a fan of the Swiss Sensation.

Finally, by one extra vote, this is our largest split.  87% of the WWE Universe predict Team Rhodes Scholars to win tonight.  There was one more vote cast for Rhodes Scholars then there was for Dolph Ziggler, thus making this match our biggest potential blowout.

Debate the findings in the comments below!

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