#HashtagWrestling Undertaker: The Streak (18-20)

REGALSAYS: The Streak.

The one thing every fan is glued to their seats for every single year not only to see if Taker gets beat… But to watch him showcase and put on an excellent match with his opponents (Except Gonzales etc). Next year he’s rumored for Punk… And win or lose… It’s gonna bring the house down.


NickRedMachine #HashtagWrestlingAww shit! Great match, decent match, great match tonight.


WiggleZigglesI don’t think I can fully explain how much this match broke my heart for Shawn.#HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachinefirst taker entrance of the week dem feels #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87I do miss hearing HBK’s theme every week.#HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachineGod damn, that walk is cool but so long.#HashtagWrestling

WiggleZigglesBest entrance, ever. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronieReally bid match of Stricker to be announcing.#HashtagWrestling

sallen_87Let’s hope the Undertaker knows about HBK’s injured back. It is Taker’s fault. I wonder if they had heat for that.#HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachineGotta love Taker’s angry face when he sits up. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachineWhen the fuck has HBK ever done an ankle lock? Way to bust out shit you are not an expert in in your retirement match. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZigglesTaker losing the Streak via ankle lock would be certainly underwhelming.#HashtagWrestling


WiggleZigglesLooks like Lil’ Naitch is watching this match as a fan, too. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachineTaker: one of the only people every to sell someone landing on his knees. Good man.#HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Love how Michaels lands for the Last Ride. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Some great spots and some “WTF” moments but I’m willing to overlook it because these guys are two of my all-time favorites #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie Progressive of them not to go for the Spanish Table for once. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Shawn’s bald spot in 5.. 4.. 3.. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie That was actually a correct use of literally. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Second tombstone and he kicks out bah gawd #hashtagwrestling

WiggleZiggles Note to self: Use tongue the next time you apply a finishing move. #ThatsWhatSheSaid #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Holy shit Taker’s arm.. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie So where was Kevin Zoller? #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Still marking for that moment. All the awesome. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 I always loved that “Bitch, Are you disrespecting me?” Face of the Undertaker. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie So is that Mrs. Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the front row? #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling still freakin’ goosebumps over this match

sallen_87Aw. He is really human after all. That was a nice moment#HashtagWrestling


WiggleZiggles This is nominated for Best Use of Metallica as an entrance theme. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 Time to mock the outfit… I mean Play the Game. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Said this so many times, but the booking for this and the year after was perfect. Triple H was the spotlight in 2011 and Taker was in 2012, see entrances, matches, returns.#HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles My niece is making muscles at the TV watching HHH walk to the ring. That’s my girl. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 I wonder if any of those shield holders are on NXT now. #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Last Outlaw was so annoying bah gawd #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Hahaha the colemine #HashtagWrestling

NickRedMachine Awwwwww shit this theme <333 Mark out #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 RIP Cole Mine. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling should be caught up. Skipped 7 mins. Triple H flying in to the steps.

sallen_87I forgot King wore a Stone Cold Shirt the rest of the Night. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling I’m guessing HIAC isn’t next?

NickRedMachine10 PUNCHES YES!!!#HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie And JR gets all meta-physical. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling The Game, The Cerebral Assassin. Great terms used by JR to describe Hunter.

WiggleZigglesI couldn’t believe he tapped to the Hell’s Gate when I originally saw this. Especially with the hammer so close. #HashtagWrestling

FamousPlewa #HashtagWrestling I do not remember seeing this match so good!

NickRedMachineTaker kicks out of 3 pedigrees, chairshot to the face and a tombstone good gawd king this man isn’t human#Hashtagwrestling


WiggleZiggles It seems to me like this match happened forever ago. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 I like the Viking Ramp piece sans Costume. Both seems like overkill. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles The Bowser coat. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 Crowd reaction to the new hairdo was epic. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 Metallica as the Cell lowers #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Chills. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie Surprised they paid Metallica for the licensing to put it on DVD. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie The Cell is evil! #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie Taker’s fists cause cancer apparently. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 I wonder if that is the Hall of Fame Steel Chair from last year. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie That chair has a family King! #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles This is the “Take Advantage of Shawn” match. #HashtagWrestling

JakeGronie This is my favorite story contained with in a single match I can think off of hand. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles This is still inducing slash in my brain. #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 Lil Naitch running! #HashtagWrestling

sallen_87 Once again we get that “Are You Kidding me?” Face. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Drool doesn’t make it look more intense. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles Best moment of sportsmanship. #HashtagWrestling

WiggleZiggles I cannot express how much I loved this moment. #HashtagWrestling

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