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You know how this goes by now.  There is a League of Bloggers.  We think of ourselves as Extraordinary.  Once a week we answer a burning  question and then link and comment on each other’s answers.  All of this is run by the Cool and Collected site.  Lets see what we’re talking about this week:

The big guy is on his way! What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 


I have to say, this has been an odd Christmas and I don’t really have a wish list.  For one, there’s that whole being an adult thing.  As a kid its completely reasonable to write a list and expect mom, dad, siblings, family members, friends, the mail man, the butcher the baker the candlestick maker, every one of them actually buy things solely because they are on that list.  Then the double digits come, the teens, the twenties, and so help myself the thirties.

Now Christmas is not so much a wish list thing, its a dare.  A challenge.  A question.  How well do you know me?  Do you know/love me enough to guess things I really want or need?  The Mrs and I don’t make up lists.  We love to see how creative the gifts can be.  Last year I surprised her with the Soft Kitty stuffed animal from Big Bang Theory and a personalized autograph from Starbuck herself Katee Sackhoff.  Present of the year.  She didn’t ask for either, she may have not know either existed before that moment.  But they are still talked about and beloved a year later.

All of this is to say I feel guilty about the whole wish list thing.  I love my stuff, I do.  But I’m adult enough to know that its all just stuff.  Plus, there is still the slow process of switching from being an accumulator and becoming a collector.  99% of this year’s comics were digital.  The few physical ones I bought were done with an eye towards display.  This is a near impossible thing for wish lists.  Hey, please buy me these digital comics and wrap them up.  Or please take a guess as to what higher priced comic book I want to add to my collection.

I want concepts.  Peace, a new era of tolerance and love, equality, insurance.  Yes at this point having insurance is just as lofty a concept as peace on Earth.  Hopefully that changes fairly soon.  I have this pain in my knee.  And my shoulder.  Sometimes my jaw too.

I’d love for the internet bubble to come back and someone offer me millions for this site.  I would like writing assignments to fall out of the sky and all of them also magically pay the quoted amount on time.

But all of that said, this is supposed to be a fun site, and a fun assignment.  So lets be a little silly and go crazy here.

I’m interpreting this as items that actually exist.  Because I would love for Night Court to be on Netflix.  Or a Speedball Marvel Comics action figure.

Year’s subscription to Hulu Plus.  All of the WWE shows are on it the next day, and no longer putting up full episodes on YouTube.  We had Hulu Plus about a year ago and got rid of it once nothing new came on in the summer.  But WWE would guarantee 4 or is it 5 new episodes each and every week.  Plus whatever else is on there.  Sounds worth the 8 or 9 a month.

Adult Swim in a Box.  I’ve never had the money for this when it was available, and never found it when I had the money.  I just saw it today for $45.  Used.  Which is the best price I’ve seen but still far far far too much for something I only want for one thing.  That’s right I want to buy this for the half hour only one episode ever made and played probably less than 10 times cult classic Welcome to Eltingville.  Comics and geeks and one of the most brilliant cartoons I’ve ever watched.  But I just cant justify paying nearly $50 for a half hour of TV.  Now if anyone else wants to buy it for me, I’m all for that.

So what does the rest of the League have to say this week?

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