Executive Assistant Assassins #6 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Mark Roslan, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


The Assassins are back and Extinction begins.  What will it be the extinction of?  The Assassins?  Or their enemies?  Well tune in for numerous chapters in the months ahead but lets get started on part one of this world spanning crossover presented by the great creators at Aspen Comics.

The star of this issue is Lily.  Down, out and with no end to the list of people after her Lily finds the number of people in this world she can count on growing smaller and smaller.  All of her Assassin training is needed for her to survive this issue but the story isn’t just one of the best battles you’ve seen in comics.

The person that Lily is, beyond the Assassin training, is revealed in this issue.  Qualities that go deeper than her fighting skills emerge.  Lily’s heart and finely honed moral code come to light during the battle.  There is a scene with a dog that exposes Lily’s soul in ways that no amount of exposition ever could.

Plus we get one of the best choreographed fights showcased in any medium.  Neither Lily nor Lilac know the meaning of the word quit.  Or stop.  Or surrender.  It becomes more than kill or be killed.  Its grasping life with both hands and taking it pass/fail.  Just so happens that in the world of the Executive Assistants failure can only mean death.

Iris’s appearance at the end and even more so the last page reveal of (well that would be telling wouldn’t it?) take what was already an intense tale and reveals the truth.  Nothing has happened yet.  Nothing that comes anywhere near the heights of pain and drama the Extinction event will put your favorite women through by the end of this.


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