#HashtagHorror Shutter

NOTE: For some reason I glitched out and only a few people’s tweets came through. My apologies to JakeGronie, FamousPlewa, and reedracer who all had great tweets that I was unable to capture this time.

REGALSAYS:Another basic horror from the other side of the world. I just can’t seem to get in to these as I’m put off by the almost stereotypical white ghost seeking vengeance plot. Couple of jump scares, nothing special.


stacielynn89I love the little intro#HashtagHorror


twfdeadfaceHey, cool, an animated Asian horror movie!#HashtagHorror

twfdeadface Before you die, you see the Phenomena. Wait… #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89I really hope everyone enjoys this movie “Shutter.” Mostly because I’m the one who requested it… #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceStarring Ofsgojsfroj Ainfujhfdgir in the role of a lifetime. #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceMan, this party is really out of control!#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsno one ever talks about the beautiful language of china.. because it sounds like fran drescher having a seizure.#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89I love that little thing hanging from the mirror!#HashtagHorror

JakeGronieThat’s women Asian drivers for ya, amirite?#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsi think there’s an english speaking remake of this. i’m just saying…#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Cold shoulder…do you blame her?#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89 I want Jane’s silky Asian hair!#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89I’ve seen this movie twice and I still managed to freaking jump out of my skin!#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsi hope she bout to get got#HashtagHorror


twfdeadfaceMost severe case of hair clogging I’ve EVER seen.#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsi have night terrors all the time. this chick doesn’t know what scary is.#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsdo all asian horror movies revolve around the same looking spirit?#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceI’m not supposed to be laughing uproariously at that photo’s head turn effect, right?#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Lmao if that was Jane on the phone, who was in the room?#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsif this is thailand where are all of the “lady boys”?#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceTUN TUN TUNNNNN! Thank you, I’ll be here all week. #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceWhy eerily pan over all these photos when it’s just been revealed that they’re Photoshopped?#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsthis movie is so formulaic i feel as though i’ve already seen it.#HashtagHorror


twfdeadfaceOf course you can fake ghosts in Polaroids. They smudge when you shake them!#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceLooks like someone didn’t pay the light bill.#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceI’m gonna photograph you so hard, you son of a bitch.#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceWe interrupt your regularly scheduled creepy Asian horror to bring you steamy grasshopper porn. WHAT.#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsns i just realized i already saw the american version of this shitty movie. it was equally shitty.#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceTonn tonn tonnnn? Hm. Not as funny the second time around.#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89all those poor creatures stuffed in jars… #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89QUIT LOOKING AT THE PICTURE AND RUN!!!!!!!! #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceSee what happens when you shake a Polaroid picture?#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89My mom just coughed and scared the shit out of me…#HashtagHorror


VrySrsBsnsyep, i’ve definitely seen the american version of this.#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsthat is not proper spooning etiquette. #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Dat scream! #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceOh, she only THREATENED to do that. The flashback was lying when it showed that she actually did it. #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Reststop bathroom scene is my first favorite scene.#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnshe didn’t wipe. #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceGross, this fucker didn’t wipe. #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Car scene is my second favorite. #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89I love how Tun’s just racing along and the ghost is in the window like “Sup bro”#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceSalt and burn the remains, morons. Don’t they have Supernatural in Thailand?#HashtagHorror


stacielynn89She’s napping?! :0#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsa glass of water. the staple of every horror movie. cures exhaustion, tiredness, paranoia, demon possession… #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89I need to pee so fricken bad but I don’t want to miss out!#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Someone get her a tissue for her nose!#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceReverse Norman Bates! Who DIDN’T see that one coming a mile away?#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89 Aw! Why’d you jump? She was just giving you a backrub…#HashtagHorror

twfdeadface “AH! I just had the most horrible nightmare where I was being sentimental and not an uncaring asshole!”#HashtagHorror

VrySrsBsnsooh a little 3 way dance. aww dammit.#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Sure! Climb onto a slippery ladder. Seems reasonable… #HashtagHorror


VrySrsBsnsstuck in the hospital. you’re screwed now punk. #HashtagHorror

reedracerJane’s voice sound like Flipper to you?#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Ya you should be crying ya asshole… #HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceOh, come on! Why should Tun get to live? He was a total douchebag to Freaky Ghost Girl! #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Flipbook! #HashtagHorror

stacielynn89Worst scene in the whole entire movie…#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89“I know it was wrong” WELL NO SHIT!!!!!#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89My third part is when he’s taking pictures#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceTake her picture so she doesn’t blab! Never mind the fact that you’re photographing us in the middle of a violent sex crime!#HashtagHorror

stacielynn89That’s why his neck was hurting… #HashtagHorror


VrySrsBsnshe ain’t JTG. he ain’t fly.#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceOut the friggin’ window, massive head trauma, and he LIVES. What a load of shit.#HashtagHorror

twfdeadfaceThat was the longest and weirdest commercial for Polaroid I’ve ever seen.#HashtagHorror



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