WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers for 12/31/12.



Miz TV opens the show.  Miz tells the crowd about tonight’s Championship Challenge.  All champions will defend their titles against opponents of their own choosing.

John Cena comes out to talk with Miz.  Refresher on the whole AJ and Dolph story.  Dolph and AJ will have a New Year’s Celebration tonight and John Cena is invited.

Team Rhodes Scholars come out to interrupt Cena.  A match is made.

John Cena and the Miz defeat Team Rhodes Scholars.

Antonio Cesaro comes out and challenges Sgt Slaughter.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Sgt Slaughter.

Kane and Daniel Bryan defeat 3MB.

CM Punk, with Paul Heyman, come out to cut a promo.  Punk shows his x-rays and says he cant wrestle next week.  Mr McMahon comes out and says WWE Officials, not CM Punk’s doctor, will decide whether or not he wrestles.  Vince accuses Punk and Heyman of collusion with Brad Maddox, Shield, etc.

Vince decides that if CM Punk does not wrestle next week, Ryback will take on Paul Heyman for Punk’s WWE title.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Big E Langston and AJ).  Big E distracts Sheamus.  The Shield comes out to attack.  Sheamus wins via DQ.

Eve defeats Kaitlyn.

Big Show challenges Ricardo Rodriguez.  Alberto Del Rio interferes and Big Show wins by DQ.

Wade Barrett defeats Kofi Kingston to become the new Intercontinental champion.

The Shield vs. Ryback in a handicap match. Both Sheamus and Randy Orton come out to assist Ryback.  The Shield leaves.

Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E Langston come out for their New Years Celebration.  They recap the bad year Cena had.  Cena is called out.  Cena cuts a promo on Dolph and AJ.  John Cena announces that he will be in the Royal Rumble.

Then apparently something that looks like crap falls from the ceiling and lands on AJ and Dolph.

And that is how WWE ends the year.



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