Executive Assistant: Iris #1 Review.



From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Alex Lei, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.

The Executive Assistant Assassins event Extinction continues on in part two.  Also the first issue for volume three of Iris.  Could it get any better?!  Yes, of course it could!  All you have to do is open up the pages and then read this review.

Iris has been hired to protect her rich and bit douchey new employer.  Attacks ensue and this comic needs to be featured in widescreen.  Iris fights with the skill of an old master but the appearance of the latest hot It Girl.  She may just be the biggest “It Girl” of the entire Extinction event.

I fell in love with Iris while reading this book.  She is everything men love and fear in women.  Her mind and her sword battle over which can move faster.  Both are capable of moving at any possible necessary angle in under a moment’s notice.  I recommend reading this comic at the gym and jumping right on a treadmill that’s already running at full speed.  The action in the comic will more than warm up your heart for any cardio.

One of the neater things Alex Lei does in this issue is change the focus on the characters.  It may be to build tension or to expose inner thoughts but either way its effective.  In this age when everyone is trying cute tricks within the digital format its a pleasure to see that there are artists who still know how to still show great story telling on paper.

David Wohl does a great job of tying this into the previous story in Executive Assistant Assassins.  For such a large event its a treat for the readers to see this tale from the perspectives of multiple characters.  My fingers are crossed that this will continue with the next Assassin shown at the end of this issue.

Aspen Comics and the team behind Executive Extinction have crafted the snowflakes of comic books.  Too many female characters at those other companies are alike.  Short skimpy outfits, blonde hair, big boobs and not much character development.  Whereas every Assassin is unique.  Iris and Lily must have different tastes in music, in clothing… I doubt they would even eat the same thing for breakfast.  There is no doubt in my mind that David Wohl could tell me the answer to all of those questions without a moment to think.

Speaking of things that don’t need a moments thought:  picking up the rest of this event is already decided.  Only two issues into this event and you’ll be parting with the money for 8 more issues as well.


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