State of the Site January 2013.

Wow its 2013.  Thanks to the WordPress stats page I just realized that March will see 4 years of and 6 years of the overall concept of Hellions.  As in it started as a MySpace then grew into Hellions Magazine then the current incarnation that you know and love.

The site keeps growing and the networking is beyond what I ever dreamed when this site began.  People know me who know people who are people.  I’m not saying I could call any comic creator or wrestler I want but there are some people out there who like me and I respect the hell out of them.  Be honest and be nice people!  It doesn’t help to throw people under the bus and doesn’t get anyone anywhere but shunned.

So that will continue in the new year.  I don’t tell things told off the record.  I apologize when the site makes mistakes.  If something falls through then honest reasons are given.  Life is too short and stressful to create lies which then have to be tended to.  Honesty is much less stressful overall.

Speaking of, lets get this resolution out of the way.  I will be catching up on everything I’ve been sent.  The site is ran around my paying/day job schedule which can suck many times.  Also there was the wedding, funeral, holidays and many other things that threw me off track in the last half of the year.  Some book reviews are ready to go and more are on the way.  I’d love to have the email box cleared by the end of this month.

Also, speaking of the day job, my hours might change there soon.  This site is all I want to do, but until the finances come together I’m going to have to work somewhere.  The writing will have to be done around the new schedule.  Which may mean only writing on nights and weekends.  We’ll see.  But again, should any deep pocketed sponsor out there want to step up lets set something up.  I’ll work 40, 60, 80 or more hours every week for this site.

Which brings me to the new daily posts.  I want something to always be going up there every day.  Thanks to a very angry commenter misspelling list as lust, we have our feature.  Daily Lust.  One picture a day for wrestling and one for comics.  With month long themes.  Hopefully its fun for all of you.  I love what Bully has done for the last year at his site and maybe readers will enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed his.

One of the big things I’ve decided to do is change up the Facebook and Twitter pages.  Rob and Solace have full power to post on both right now.  I will be adding more during the year.  This way all of the posts from the other writers can be seen on these main feeds no mater who posts it.  Hopefully it will add to more hits and more exposure not only for the site but for the friends and writers who are good enough to share their thoughts on this page.

I have been debating on dropping character and revealing the real name.  Now, many people know what that name is and really its not that hard to find.  When I started the page I wanted a bit of a buffer from reality.  But as it grows I feel that stepping out of the alter ego may lead to more respect.  This one is still up for debate, but if you have thoughts let me know.

I would like to be published more and I would like this site to get bigger.  The crazy dream would be to have an office for all of this.  Just imagine, calling me and hearing “Hello thank you for calling Team Hellions offices how may I help you?”  It gets me excited just thinking about it.

Finally, inspired by Reis and Dork Horde and the League of Extraordinary Bloggers I’ve been debating on some sort of official Hellions friends and membership page.  Maybe a picture of yourself in black and red, brief bio, and link to your site.  Again, let me know if you’re interested.

Here’s to a new year of successes.

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