Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #2 Review.

What the hell?  Supurbia #3 is out today and I never got a copy of #2!  Here I thought something got pushed back.  Well, its time to read two books in a row today and tell you all what I thought of them.  Starting with ….

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.


Good God.  I have told Grace on numerous occasions how highly I think of this title.  The cast of the book already had my interest and my heart.  Then she put on a long shirt, just so she could roll up her sleeves, and dropped this issue.  Damn some crazy stuff happened here.  Lets dive in.

Batu and the lone Son of the Bright Moon have what should be a very simple meeting with the Council.  In fact, this scene doesn’t even take up that much of the comic book.  But what happens, and how Batu reacts, its everything readers have wanted from a strong female character for decades.  Is Wonder Woman’s missing ingredient a child?  I don’t know, but Batu switches from a heartless some-may-say bitch into warrior mother of the year.  Never get between a lioness and her cub.

Then there is this slow build up of Tia.  At the risk of pissing people off… There are some comic readers who hate comics full of talking or set up.  These are dumb readers.  Whenever the trigger, or power gauntlet, or ring, is pulled on Tia there will be screams of joy across the United States on that future Wednesday.

Helen(a) takes the cloak of 1990s comics off of the term anti-hero and freshens it up with tragic meaning.  She isn’t trying to be good, she’s trying to be better.  Life continues to drop pain after pain after problem on her and all that she craves is to keep this normalcy.  Its a noble dream.  One that all of us non super powered normal people can empathize with.  The desire to have a home that is safe.

To top it all off the story of Paul, Alexis and Gio becomes that much more complicated.  We all have those male friends who believe that female bisexuality isn’t cheating.  And we don’t even listen to them say that anymore.  Grace flips this idea and opens it up for am emotional exploration of relationships and labels.  Its an eye opener that will hopefully lead to many discussions online and in the shops.

Any one of these stories could carry a title on their own.  The fans are gifted to have it bundled together in one set of staples. a

I promise to say wonderful things about the art momentarily, but issue 3 is sitting before me!

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