Top 4 of Smackdown 1/11/13

Yup. Punk didn’t make it on the list. Deal with it.

4. Natalya vs. AJ

Ziggler and Khali didn’t do much in the ring, which was a good thing because it left time for Natalya and AJ to take over. AJ proceeded to bite Natalya and the woman was so distracted by the bite that she ended up losing the match. Now, while Natalya probably could handle AJ easily, Natalya is a great actress and a team player and helps put over AJ’s character. Plus AJ shows off her bra, and all of the men had to love that.

3. 3MB

First, their segment. These men are hilarious. I know, it’s popular to hate Jinder Mahal, but he works well off of the other two and they are widely incoherent as they make their plans, which helps. Then they go out for their fight with Sheamus and both Mahal and McIntyre look like they will jump into the ring but Slater is already down. The crowning moment is the look on McIntyre’s face when he’s just like, “Well, oh well!” and Slater is pinned in 48 seconds.

2. The Rock verbal versus Rhodes Scholars

No penis jokes needed. This was all about a matter of teasing about intelligence. Rhodes Scholars held up well against Rock. Granted, Sandow did most of the speaking, but Cody’s facial expressions are priceless and Rock is, well, The Rock. The Rock may sound a bit repetitive at times, but his delivery is impeccable and Sandow meets him with a vigor that surprised me. I might finally have to admit to being a Sandow fan. Might.

1. Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

When a 14:11 match starring Big Show moving slowly makes it onto my list you know someone has to be an incredible wrestler. Del Rio working as a face suddenly seems like he’s ready to just have fun in the ring. Heel-dom is usually the better place for wrestlers, but Del Rio embraces the Face and rocks it in the ring. Ricardo, of course, is always a pleasure to watch on the sidelines as he cheers Del Rio on. Great Smackdown.

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