Homecoming #3 Review from Aspen Comics.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Emilio Laiso, Brett Smith, Josh Reed.


Not since Peter Parker was young (and in the right body) has the terrors of high school been captured so well in a comic book.  Homecoming hits all the horrible painful notes we all wish to forget from high school.  Social awkwardness, athletic awkwardness, feeling alone even while surrounded.

One of the lowlights of school, an experience we have all had, is the time of unexpected and terrible betrayal.  There are so few people that teenagers feel they can trust.  Every day more people fall off that list.  But some are meant to be sacred.  Our parents, and ourselves.  This issue of Homecoming drips with sympathy for Celeste and Paul.


Only three issues in and I’m already concerned for every character.  Name any high school based TV show with this much drama and heart only three episodes in.  Take your picks of FOX, CW, ABC Family, etc.   David Wohl could write for any teen drama of his choice, but that would mean cutting his writing skills in half.

Emilio draws the two things necessary for this series with great skill:  aliens and believable teenagers.  From the kids sizes, their clothing, the postures — all of it goes beyond just detailed and into photo realism.  Laiso must have a high school or mall nearby that enables him to be so spot on.

Where the alien detail comes from, I’m not sure.  The aliens are a completely original design and yet there is familiarity in the reptilian and technology pieces.  Only assisted with the lettering that echoes both of these.  A hiss and a whrrr mean different things but both come together into this great new creation.  Excellent work as always here from Josh Reed.

If you love teenage drama, aliens, and a great story that doesn’t insult your intelligence look no further than Homecoming.


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