Top 4 of Smackdown 1/18/13

Special mention to Tensai for having to try to put on a good match with Khali, and poor Natalya…

4. Kaitlyn

The match itself wasn’t that great, since it was against Aksana who only knows one move, it’s called “resthold”. Aksana matches are lackluster, and this was 3:29. Kaitlyn, though, does her best to try to sell the match. But she was even better as the diva that’s trying to come off as more of a Beth Phoenix in the backstage segment against the lovely ladies that were congratulating her on her title. Of course this likely means she’ll turn heel because an unladylike woman can’t be a face. But yay Kaitlyn!

3. Epico/Primo/Rosa/Miz Segment

Miz’s watching the match backstage actually lead to something, which was words exchanged with Rosa, Epico, and Primo. And hey, Miz even points out what everyone was thinking as he points out when was the last time they spoke on television? Epico and Primo have great delivery and Rosa was fine until she tried to speak Spanish. With all the time she’s been working with Epico and Primo you’d think some of it would roll off on her. She doesn’t even bother trying to sound like she has an accent.

2. Kane/Bryan/Orton Segment

First, this really was the best segment Orton’s been in in awhile. Granted, Orton hasn’t really been in many segments of late, either. Orton asks Kane and Bryan if they are going to act like second graders or give it their all in the ring. Kane retorts with, “Both!” Bryan teases about a group hug if they win…

1. Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett vs. HellNo & Randy Orton

I was one of the last people to be a fan of Bryan, and Sandow I’m still on the fence about. Sandow can wrestle, but I still am not a fan of how he carries his character. But I even had to admit that this ring was filled with six men who are talented and have star power. Yes, all six. And I was rooting for the faces. I felt dirty. After the match, after the faces won (Orton getting the pin this time) the group hug happened. And Orton was magic. So were Kane and Bryan because, well, they are Kane and Bryan.

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