CHIKARA: The Season 12 Premiere comes to Easton’s Palmer Center!

Season 12 kicks off with a bang
in just 3 Weeks!
While the Dawn is Breaking

Just 6 weeks ago CHIKARA closed Season 11 with as many answers as questions – and the anticipation for the debut of Season 12 has reached a fever pitch! On Sunday, February 10th, we return to Easton, PA and the site of our electric King of Trios 2012 tournament. At 4:00 p.m., at the Palmer Center all your favoriteCHIKARA stars will unleash “While the Dawn is Breaking.” Don’t forget – all kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is what we have on tap thus far:

3.0 vs The Young Bucks
1) Two out of Three Falls Title Bout!
-At our Season 11 finale 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker Shane Matthews) topped F.I.S.T. to pick up the pivotal third point toward a title shot at CHIKARA‘s Campeonatos de Parejas. Parker and Matthews wasted no time cashing in their shot at the prestigious tag-team titles in Easton, PA. 3.0 will challenge The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson Matt Jackson), a team that has met every challenge the CHIKARA roster has thrown its way! Will 3.0 become two-time Campeones, or will The Young Bucks topple yet another tandem?

Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Steen
2) The Final Confrontation!
-Last year, these two heavy-hitters went to war, once in singles action and once in the Torneo Cibernetico.Now, the CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen will clash one final time… no championship title, no squadrons of teammates between them, these two are out to answer this simple question: who is the better man?

Frightning vs Jigsaw/Shard/deviANT
3) Six Men Wage War!
-Former Campeones“Lightning” Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw were once the exact same page, yet now seem to be at opposite ends of a spectrum. Can the strained relationship between them be repaired, or is a deeper rift about to emerge as a result of this trios match in Easton? Quackenbush will team with two of his most-famed proteges in Hallowicked and Frightmare to take on Jigsaw and two members of GEKIDO,Shard and deviANT. “While the Dawn is Breaking” may prove the breaking point for these former friends…

Saturyne vs TD
4) Young Lions Cup On The Line!
-These two rookies were meant to clash at “The Cibernetico Rises,” but a late injury sidelined Saturyne and“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti finished off Season 11 as the Young Lions Cup Champion. Fast-forward to February 10th; Saturyne will get her long awaited match for the much-coveted Cup! Will Saturyne get her first taste of gold in CHIKARA, or will Mr. Touchdown proclaim “it’s good!” yet again?

5) One on One!
Archibald Peck was overjoyed in at “Under The Hood” as he exacted a measure of revenge on his former-valet Veronica when he doused her with pig slop. But Tim Donst, on the other hand, closed the year as miserable as ever. He failed in his bid to win the Grand Championship, and nothing his tag partner Jakob Hammermeier does seems to please him. Donst refutes the idea that “wrestling is fun” and is looking to add some company to his misery as he takes out his frustrations on the recently reinstated Marchie Archie.

CHIKARAWhile the Dawn is Breaking
Sunday, February 10th
Live at The Palmer Center in Easton, PA!
Tickets on Sale Right Now!
Doors = 3:30 pm Belltime = 4:00 pm

Click to visit the official event page

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