Top 4 Matches of the Week in WWE 1/13/13 – 1/19/13

Yeah, I know, everyone wants me to put Ziggler vs. Cena on here. Again. But no. Special shoutout to Kaitlyn and Eve for making Eve’s last match with the WWE a spectacular showing. But no matter how much I adore these women, I couldn’t put it on the top 4 this week.

4. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show vs. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio – Smackdown

Well Big Show didn’t contribute much, but everyone else made this an entertaining match. Del Rio’s face turn has been wonderful and his moveset seems to have clicked because of it. Plus, though I made fun of it at the time, I had a good laugh at the ref rolling his arms like he was a baseball umpire and throwing AJ and Big E Langston out arena. There wasn’t a dull moment to this match, even if it wasn’t all wrestling related, but we are here to be entertained.

3. Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett vs. HellNo & Randy Orton – Smackdown

Smackdown had better matches this week, granted that was likely because Raw’s 20th anniversary show was lackluster for most of them and, you know, the rest of the shows this week struggled with matches. Still, this match did everything it needed to, which was showcase serious star power and talent. Four minutes was enough time to give everyone a chance to be noticed, and there was that epic group hug at the end.

2. Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro – Main Event

Oh hi again, Orton. Fancy meeting you here. Cesaro and Orton put on a match that ends the only way it can, with Shield interrupting. Why? Because Orton’s willing to lose clean and already did that on Raw, and Cesaro needs to look dominant, and does manage to. Great match with great build from start to finish.

1. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton – Raw

Oh, Orton again. “Orton sucks.” Well clearly, that’s why in 3 of the 4 matches I chose this week he made it for wrestling ability. Orton’s a little more careful of his shoulders of late, which is probably smart, but he’s still got it when it comes to ring presence. And while we’ve seen Barrett versus Orton before, many times, they don’t fail to produce and excellent 7 minutes of entertainment while in the ring. This also did more to cement Barrett’s abilities since he’d been a little lackluster of late, and since he won cleanly over Orton (stop being so damned shock, Orton loses clean often enough you shouldn’t drop your jaws every time) it made him look even better. Barrett needs it, Orton needs the great matches, win-win for me.

One comment

  1. There were a lot of quality matches this week, but in my eyes, Orton/Cesaro stole the show. Excellent stuff. I hope we get a PPV feud between the two in the future.

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