Everyone Loves the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



This picture was taken back around Christmas time and has been brewing on my phone ever since.  We were shopping at Target and every other toy was available.  Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, WWE, Batman, whatever the hell else there is that I cant think of right now.

Then there was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle section.  Only recognizable because of the signs Target has in the toy aisle to direct you to your collection of choice.  Completely sold out.

How does the story of four turtles get rebooted every couple years and every time its a huge success?  Something about this concept opens up a special place in a young child’s mind and heart.


  1. Empty pegs every time I go by Target, too. I have at least 5 different photos on my phone of barren TMNT shelves. It’s become a mini-game now to take pics of the TMNT section whenever I go there.

  2. Yeah on one hand it’s great that the Turtles did well but on the other hand am waiting to use a K-Mart gift card I have to pick up a Fish Face figure and all the K’s in my area have none! Oh well I can wait and am glad these are popular again.

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