Aspen Comics to Release Special Retailer Covers for Shrugged #1.

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What more is there to say about this?  Aspen Comics already knocked everyone off their kiesters with the retailer covers for Legend of the Shadow Clan, and Shrugged will just increase that excitement.

Be sure to read the official words from Aspen Comics and enjoy the heck out of Shrugged volume 2.


SHRUGGED-01(Ange)Sketch SHRUGGED-01(Dev)Sketch



Press Release


Aspen is continuing to celebrate the publisher’s tenth anniversary this March with the return of their popular series Shrugged. The second release in the publisher’s “10 for 10” initiative, that will feature ten new series releases over a span of ten months, Aspen will release Shrugged #1 on March 13th, 2013. From creators Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, and the art team of Jonathan Marks and Beth Sotelo, Shrugged marks the first returning Aspen property of 2013. Below is the publisher’s solicitation for the new Aspen release:

You think you’re prepared, but you’re not. You’ve been decisive in your actions up to this point, but now things have been turned upside down. You feel you’ve conformed your mindset and are ready to accept what you’re about to experience, but you haven’t. That’s because SHRUGGED is back and ready to blow your mind!

Theo and his friends are entering their final year of high school, and even though Ange and Dev are still along for the ride, a host of new characters have joined in on the adventure! But, everything isn’t all fun and games this time around as an evil force has also returned and is preparing to silence those voices inside their heads…permanently. If you thought you knew what fear was, you haven’t seen anything yet!

As part of the “10 for 10” initiative and to thank retailers for their support in getting Aspen Comics to the milestone decade mark, Aspen is releasing the first issue of Shrugged for the affordable price of only $1. As well, every subsequent #1 issue for each new release in Aspen’s “10 for 10” program will be offered at the same low price.

To support comic shops’ push for Shrugged #1 and the Aspen “10 for 10” titles to follow, Aspen is offering a multitude of special incentives for stores to choose from on the debut issue, wholesale priced at a near Free Comic Book Day level to retailers:

Every fan or new reader who lets their local retailer know to add Shrugged #1 to their subscription box is eligible to receive the special “Aspen Reserved Edition” cover. Fans who collect all ten Aspen “10 for 10” #1 Reserved Edition covers at their local comic book store will then be eligible to receive the free Aspen “10 for 10” Jam Poster featuring characters from all ten titles and colored by superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald.

Any retailer who orders 50 copies of the dollar-priced Shrugged #1 will receive a signed and numbered copy of the direct cover edition, along with a certificate of authenticity.

Retailers who order 100 copies of the dollar-priced issue one will receive the above listed incentive as well as one free CCG 9.8 Reserved Edition cover of Shrugged #1.

For every 250 total combined copies of the standard and Reserved Edition covers ordered, retailers will receive all of the above listed incentives and one free original hand drawn Sketch Cover by Shrugged series artist Jonathan Marks.

Each retailer who orders 750 total combined copies of the standard and Reserved variant edition covers ordered are eligible to receive those copies (minimum 300 copies) with an exclusive cover featuring their store logo or image incorporated into the cover illustration. Qualifying retailers will be contacted to confirm the specifics of your exclusive image.

And for stores who order 1500 total combined copies of the standard and Reserved variant edition covers, those retailers will receive a special store signing appearance by either the creator or an artist of Shrugged, receive 200 additional past Aspen exclusive comics for the signing, and be included in an interior ad page of the comic promoting the event. Qualifying retailers will be contacted to confirm the specifics of your signing. This incentive is limited to five participating stores.

For more information on Shrugged and Aspen Comics please check and and follow Aspen’s “10 for 10” on Twitter with the hash tag: #Aspen10

Instagram: aspencomics

Aspen MLT, Inc. is an entertainment publishing company founded in January 2003 by superstar comic artist Michael Turner. Priding itself on producing entertainment properties of the highest quality visual and storytelling elements Along with their own successful properties such as Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris,, Charismagic, Broken Pieces and more. Aspen also collaborates with the comic industry’s most successful companies and endeavors including Marvel Comics and DC Entertainment. Aspen has collaborated with Marvel for various hit projects, including cover work for the best-selling events Civil War, World War Hulk, and Ultimatum. Aspen collaborated with DC Comics to provide covers for such best-selling titles as Superman/Batman: The Return of Supergirl, The Justice League of America, and Eisner-nominated covers for the critically acclaimed, best-selling Identity Crisis series. In 2006, Aspen joined forces with television giant NBC to create the online comic adaptations for the hit television series Heroes. Currently in 2012, Aspen is teaming up with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment to produce the horror-adventure series Dead Man’s Run, as well as collaborating with director McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision to produce the horror comic Haunted City. Aspen also produces the one-of-a-kind Anarchy digital graphic novel for the popular body spray company, Axe.


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