Fingers and Balls for Christmas!

The Christmas posts begin!  Officially one month past Christmas.  I try to get everything written and posted in a timely fashion, but with near 4000 posts on this site, plus a stack of review copies next to me, things fall through the cracks.  One of those things was Christmas.

So lets see what I got and thank the people who gave them to me!

First off we have my haul from the one and only Shezcrafti blog.  Jaime Hood (did I spell it right that time?  Have the beatings stopped?) posted that she would send Christmas pressies to any fellow geeky blogger who asked.  I felt selfish to ask, but she told me to go ahead and be a present whore.  (As opposed to future whores?)  So I signed up for it and coincidentally drew her name for the Dork Horde Secret Santa.

Now, my guilt is overwhelming.  I feel that I dropped the ball on Jaime’s gift because she sent some awesome stuff to people.  Also, the Dork Horde exchange was incredible.  Not only what I received (post coming soon) but also what I saw from other bloggers as well.  I have talked myself down from the ledge though.  Its my first year doing and geeky stuff like this at Christmas.  Now I see what everyone else has done I know what to do for next year.

If you would like to see what I sent to Jaime, check out her blog about it:

Also, listen to the latest episode of Under Scoop Fire podcast to hear all about another package that caused marital strife.



All that out of the way, lets look at Jaime’s box!

That my presents came in.  Perverts.




Listen, we all have boxes that have seen better days.  Doesn’t mean they cant still get the job done.  (I am just setting myself up here!)  The drawings are not lame.  That is very obviously a candy cane and a bat with huge balls.  Or maybe a character from Beanworld doing the Uhura fan dance.

I open the box, and behold!



Look at all of these toys!  We have a Bob-omb, and tons of Marvel Comics goodies!  Time to rip open bags and get into these fantastic plastic heroes.




First we have this Bob-omb that looks a little sick.  His barcode tag bends up like a diaper, plus that’s a bad case of dandruff on the little guy.  Lets take off his plastic, give him a quick bath and see what’s up.



There we go!  That’s a happy little fella.  Who’s a good bomb?  Who’s a good bomb?  Yes you are!  Note, the powder was actually something like Pixy Stix.  But sweeter.  Hurts your teeth dear God I will never eat sugar again sweet.  I had to toss the rest of it because Jaime said she wouldn’t pay my dental bills.  Also, my trash can now has diabietes.   You can be damn sure this bomb is going to stay though.  I have an idea for him and a Batman figure.



Next up we have these Marvel Comics um, um, what are these?  (Google search.)  Holy shit they’re thumb wrestlers!  And you can buy a ring for it!  I’m going to pretend that the Hulk is Ryback.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.  Feed me more when I’m angry.



I was going for heel Hal Jordan holding all the Green Lantern rings here.  That did not happen.  But I learned some things.  One, I really need a haircut.  Two, some pictures should wait until the Mrs is home to assist me.



Now what are these little things?  Little gumball machine balls with super hero faces on them?



They’re little mini action figures!   How adorable and awesome is that?  The heels are about to battle the faces.  Yup, put Cyclops on the bad guy side.  Its his own fault.  Also, I’m shocked at the colors of Wolverine.  Really feel like I got a variant.  More research will be done.

Oh, so you open these up and the bodies are on the inside.  Clasp both halves of the ball over a peg on the body and a figure is born.  These really are incredible and will have a place of honor.

Face front true believers!




That was fast.  Thank you for your prompt attention gents.  I wish I knew what these were called but I’m not sure what to even type in for a search.  The best I can come up with is Marvel Comics Gashapon which brings up an article by Reis.  Which is totally awesome and helpful, but we both need more information.  (Oh, and turns out this Wolverine is not a variant but part of series 2.)

And thank all of you for reading this belated Christmas post.  Thanks again to Jaime and I hope for many more years together for all of us in the League.

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  1. I’m glad you liked the gifts! I thought they were pretty cool too. As for the “balls,” look up “Marvel Buildables.” That should put you on the right track. 😉

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