The Avengers Trading Post.

So I’m going through all the Christmas posts still and while organizing I see that I now have three copies of this book.  One was returned successfully.  One will be a part of the personal collection.  That leaves one left for one of you!



Its a great book but I don’t need multiple copies of it.  So who does?  Send an email to teamhellions(at)gmail and lets do a trade.  You all know the usual collections.  Comics, wrestling, 80s properties and the items that relate to each (toys, magazines, DVDs, etc.)  I’ll even trade it for money too if someone really wants it.

If this works then expect other things to pop up here that you may desire.  I have some action figures that just wont fit in with the streamlined collection.  Many a book and comic.  There’s a sealed NASCAR Monopoly that ended up here for some reason too.  Star Wars things.

Maybe we can trade within the League or the Dork Horde too!

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