Superior Spider-Man #2 Review (with Spoilers).

From Marvel Comics, Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado.


Not quite Spider-Man, not quite Peter Parker and not quite Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man continues on.  For those of you who aren’t caught up, lets spoil things here.  Hey, I said there would be spoilers in the title so you have no reason to be shocked.

Doc Ock put his brain in Peter Parker’s body, and thus in Spider-Man’s as well.  Plus he gets all of Peter’s memories as well.  Otto is taking his super villain ideas and applying them to heroics thus creating something new.  Something he calls superior.  Its a lot like Ric Flair.  Steal comedy moves from the midget wrestlers and combine it with what he was already doing.  Boom.  One of the greatest of all time.

Problem is, Peter is still around somehow.  He’s a ghost, a memory, something but he is still around.  Two things come out of this in issue two, one is good and one is bad.  First the good.

This is one of the few comics in which I debate with the characters during the read.  If Otto slept with Mary Jane then is it moral?  She would believe that she is having sex with Peter, and thus this is a lie.  We might even call it rape.  But the odd thing is that if Otto slept with someone new it would be a perfectly fine thing because this new woman doesn’t know who Peter is or was.  She would be having sex with a man who is honest and true (or as honest and true as any man trying to get laid can be).  Add in Carlie, who has had her own yet different relationship with Peter, and the discussion between these two women reveals more of human existence than the internal “debate” of Peter and Otto.

Now to the bad.  Otto creates numerous inventions to help fight crime.  In two issues his new gadgets have revolutionized Spider-Man.  He even (again, spoilers) has the strength to walk away from Mary Jane.  He is cocky, but he is worthy of it.  Brilliant, strong, and just plain ahead of everyone else.  Whereas ghost Peter doesn’t come across as a man burdened by responsibility.  He comes across like a whiny pouty little bitch.  So far, Otto is superior.  He is the better Spider-Man.

This tale should remind us of what is great about Peter Parker.  However, what if this plan backfires?

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