25 Things I Would Rather Watch Today Than the Super Bowl. 2013 Edition.



Returning for a fourth year!  This list always generates much debate on my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Most years I do watch the Super Bowl to see commercials.  Also, if I’m invited to someone’s house for it and there is amazing food my excitement is piqued.  The game?  Not so much.  I remember the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.  I remember the Bills losing three in a row.  I think the Bengals were in it one year and my aunt, who is a huge Bengals fan, had a party or something.  On the flip side though, I can tell you exactly where I was for numerous commercials from Pepsi, Coca Cola, Budwiser, great summer movies, Pets.com and more.

This year though there are no Super Bowl plans.  There’s a very good chance we’ll be watching Dinosaurs, Survivors, and the West Wing on Netflix throughout the day.  I’ll be sure to look for the commercials as soon as they hit YouTube.

But that’s not what you’re all here for is it?  No lets take a look at the 25 things I would rather watch today.  The rules are it has to be airing during the time of the Super Bowl.  This year the game is scheduled for 6:25 until 10PM.  If a show airs at 6 or 11 it cannot be included.  Also, these must be shows that anyone can watch at the same time.  Thus no PPV, DVR, DVDs or Netflix can be included.  Whatever I list has to be something my Mom or anyone else could tune into at the same time.  Finally, it has to be something I would actually watch.  I cant write Honey Boo Boo because I would never ever watch such a piece of shit waste of time show.

For examples of previous years check out the links below:








On to 2013!

1.  America’s Funniest Home Videos – ABC – 7-8PM

2. Bob’s Burgers – FOX – 7-730PM

3. The Cleveland Show – FOX – 730-8PM

4. Storage Wars Texas Marathon – A&E

5. The Walking Dead marathon – AMC

6. Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon – BBC America

7. Tosh.O marathon – Comedy Central

8. Empire Records – Encore – 630-8PM

9. World’s Strongest Man Competition – ESPN

10. American Pickers marathon – History Channel

11. To Catch a Predator marathon – MSNBC

12. Dumbest Stuff on Wheels marathon – Speed

13. NCIS marathon – USA

14. Bob’s Burgers – FOX – 830-9PM

15. Family Guy – FOX – 9-930PM

16. American Dad – FOX – 930-10PM

17. Storage Wars marathon – A&E – 8PM

(The First 5 years of SNL starts at 9 but continues through to 11.  Still want to mention it though.  Looks good.)

18. The Oblongs – Cartoon Network – 9-930PM

19. How I Met Your Mother marathon – WGN

20. The Simpsons – FOX – 8-830PM

21. Saved by the Bell marathon – MTV2

22. Zombies: A Living History – History 2 – 8-10PM

23. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – The Hub – 9-10PM

24. UFO Files – History 2 – 7-8PM

25. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? – Boomerang – 9-10PM


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