Charismagic: The Death Princess #2 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Emilio Lopez, Josh Reed, Jocelyn Dunn, Mirka Andolfo.


The origins of the Death Princess and the world of Charismagic continue!  This world grows ever richer with every issue and even every page.  The characters, their motivations, their reasons all form a vast mystical ancient world that should be picked up read and enjoyed by fans of everything from Thundercats to Thundarr.

Orlana, the Death Princess herself, has amassed an army.  Our unlikely saviors, a group of magical entities led by Kon face a battle that makes “uphill” look like the curb of a sidewalk.  Its more overwhelming than the odds faced by the Warriors or the 300.  Its one of the rare comics that gives readers the feeling anything can happen.  Anyone could die.  Evil might triumph.  A comic book like this has a writer and an artist with no limit and there are no limits to what could happen to these characters.  Then the ending hits and this feeling is reinforced.

I’ve loved Vince’s writing for a while now but what he does here with Ro and Amelie was jaw dropping.  I cant believe what he did here.  It was almost too much.  That is just the sign of a skilled writer though.  I’ve read other comics for years and couldn’t care what happens to some of the characters yet here I am in shock over the events inside this issue.

That moment wouldn’t be as big without Emilio’s art.  The angles, the pacing, the eyes, the colors every bit of the art makes this moment difficult to read every time.  Plus, just to be a guy for a minute those griffins are bad ass!  But does Emilio draw anything that isn’t incredible?

Charismagic: The Death Princess is going to have a huge ending.  I can just feel it.  There isn’t a single comic from Aspen that slows down and the Death Princess might just run over everything in her path.


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