Executive Assistant Assassins #8 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Mark Roslan, Charlie Mok, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


When your heroes commit villainous acts can they still be heroes?  The latest issue of Executive Assistant Assassins reminds us that even when we agree with the motivation of the Assassins lets never forget who they truly are.  Both readers and assassins will find out where their limits are in a little something I’ll call, “different degrees of bitches”.  Wait until this issue comes out.  You’ll understand that joke and laugh!

The Assassins have this bizarre relationship with each other that cant quite be categorized.  Its not quite schoolmates, nor sorority, nor sisters.  All of the women have been through things that no one else but each other can understand and relate to, but that doesn’t mean there is any kind of love or family between them.  Yet there is some sort of bond.

Then here comes Ivy and everyone finds out they have an illegitimate sister no one previously mentioned.  Young, impulsive, and those traits are holding back the potential she has to be great.  She uses chaos as a cloak and in a book full of great characters, she stands as an equal from the one appearance.

With each issue of this story I become more impressed with Vince Hernandez.  He’s writing some of the best most well developed women in comics.  Then there is the grand conspiracy of who is plotting against the Executive Assistants.  Also this strange sister hood and the complicated bonds between them.  Finally he goes and writes one of the most uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever read in this issue!  I cant ruin it for you but I’ll hint that you’ll be clutching at your throat in pain and disbelief while reading this book.  If there is a drink next to you, take small sips until your psyche has fully recovered.


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