Top 4 Comic Book Friendships that Might Be Homosexual.

DC is about to release Justice League of America’s Vibe as an ongoing series.  Marvel highly publicized Northstar’s wedding.  Kevin Keller is the biggest character in Archie Comics.  Some cheer and some need to just accept that openly gay characters in comics are here to stay.  But what about the ones that aren’t openly gay?  The ones who may have been telling us all along that they are gay, but never flat out said so.  The ones that have asked us to read between the lines for years. Now all of these relationships are only rumored to be more than friends.  As with any literature, arguments can be made to both support and refute any claims.  Feel free to have a respectful debate in the comments section.  Now on to the top four!

4.  Firelord and Air Walker.

Firelord01 Firelord02

Firelord frequently refers to Air Walker as his mentor and friend, but this exchange may take it a bit further.  Starfox is all about sex.  There is no innuendo, or misinterpretation.  If there’s a way to infer sex from anything he says, then that is how he means it.  Firelord hasn’t burned for pleasure since he lost his friend Gabriel (Air Walker).  That sounds like a lost love, not just a lost friendship.

3.  Juggernaut and Black Tom.



Oh sure this exchange with She Hulk might just be to mock Cain Marko.  Chances are good that she is belittling the big guy who cant be there to defend himself.  However, much like Firelord referred to his close friend lets see what Juggernaut has to say about Black Tom.



Look at the pain on Juggernaut’s face.  Then he casts his own well being aside to rescue his only friend.   On the way down he warns the X-Men that if Black Tom is dead he will seek vengeance.  I have friends I love and will defend in a fight.  Maybe not to this level though.  This is the kind of sacrifices one makes to protect either a child, or a love.

2.  Ms Marvel and Spider-Woman.

I’ve been working on this one for awhile and collecting many interesting panels.  Take a look:

ms01 ms02 ms03 ms04 ms05 ms06 ms07 ms08 MsMarvelSpiderWoman01 MsMarvelSpiderWoman02



Its possible to draw any conclusion you want, and read between every line to come to your own theories.  Look at that second to last one.  Almost everyone is paired up.  Couples.  There are Carol and Jessica.  Not actually holding hands but if you look quickly you would think otherwise.  Sure, both women have dated men.  I never said the characters would identify themselves as homosexual.  Having a same sex romantic relationship does not mean a person is now gay.  No more than dating a girl with glasses, a black man, or a ginger now means that will be true of every other person you date or sleep with for the rest of your life.  All this is to say at some point it appears that Ms Marvel and Spider Woman were more than friends.

1.  Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

HarleyIvy00 HarleyIvy01 HarleyIvy02 HarleyIvy03 HarleyIvy04 HarleyIvy05 HarleyIvy06



This is the easy one, and thus the number one as well.  At this point I think its just assumed.  Sure DC Comics has never officially said the two were a couple at any point.  They never officially said they pulled Young Justice because of Stephanie Brown either, but haven’t we all just accepted it as true?


Draw your own conclusions.  Add your own characters.  Have a healthy debate below.

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