Screw Big Bang Theory and Their Spoiler Episode.

Do not read this article if you are not completely caught up on Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and the Walking Dead.  Yes I’m totally serious and I cant believe I had to write all of that either.



The show has already pissed off many geeks.  Its fine as the usual bunch of single people sitcom.  However, the geek parts of the show don’t come across as tribute or respect, they are entirely mocking of every nerd.  First were the horrible scenes in the comic book store.  Not one segment is legitimate.  Comic book fans don’t go into a store and start flipping through a bin for the new issues.  There are walls of new issues, plus pull lists and subscription boxes.  Also, any good comic book store is not going to hand a new customer a single issue.  That is the domain of graphic novels.  Even more so, there isn’t a store in the world that would hand this customer Fables #1 over Fables volume one.  Its just ignorant and rude.

But this past week, this most recent episode, featured the worst betrayal of geek culture.  The spoiler.  I could forgive Sheldon ruining certain stories for Leonard.  Stories we are all familiar with.  Dumbledore dies.  That’s fine.  Most people who are going to read Harry Potter have read it at this point.  He’s spoiling but not spoiling anything.  An overall harmless spoil.

If the episode had more spoilers, well known twists, it would have been fine.  Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.  The Thunderbolts are the Masters of Evil.  These spoilers are well known and if you don’t know them by now, chances are these aren’t stories for you anyways.  But this episode… this fucking episode!

Leonard and Sheldon sit down to watch the Walking Dead. Sheldon says this is the episode that Laurie dies.




That season isn’t even over.  There are numerous people who are not caught up yet.  And they should be able to watch Big Bang Theory of all fucking shows and not worry about having cable’s number one drama ruined for them.  It was ignorant, rude, and just disrespectful to all fans.

In an age of great groundbreaking sitcoms like Community, The League, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec – the Big Bang Theory could be something special for the growing geek market.  Instead, it doesn’t treat its namesake with any respect and thus the last bit of respect I had for it is gone.


  1. My argument is, and we spent an entire podcast on this recently, if you care so much about the show, hurry up and watch it. If someone mentions something that happened three months ago, that’s your problem, not theirs. Why on earth would anyone who is so passionate about The Walking Dead be three months behind on it but up to date on The Big Bang Theory?

    Chuck Lorre has always been about generating buzz even if it’s negative, because hey- it’s still buzz.

    We’ve cultivated this society where anytime anyone talks about anything they have to preface it with “Spoiler Alert!” which is insane. If you don’t want to know what happens on a show, you’d better stay off Twitter while it’s on, again while the west coast feed is on, Facebook the next day, and every entertainment website everyday.

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