CHIKARA “While the Dawn is Breaking” Results.

All credit, property and thanks to CHIKARA for the information.

CHIKARA: While the Dawn is Breaking.”

                                                                                                                  The Palmer Center in Easton, PA.

February 10, 2013

1. Mr. Touchdown retained his Young Lions Cup against Saturyne by pinfall, after the Flea Flicker in 12:05.

2.Jakob Hammermeier defeated Gran Akumaby pinfall in 5:55, after knocking Akuma off the ropes.

3.Tim Donst was disqualified against Archibald Peck for a low blow, in 6:38. Veronica Ticklefeather came out during the contest and caught the eye of Donst and after the contest, Donst said that Veronica was not useless like Jakob.

4.The Colony defeated F.I.S.T. by submission in 17:38, when assailANTlocked Sugar Dunkerton in a modified CHIKARA Special. After the bout, Dunkerton had words with his longtime partner, Dasher Hatfield and there appears to be some problems between the two.

5.Kobald defeated Dasher Hatfield by pinfall in 12:55, after a distraction from Delirious.

6.Jigsaw,deviANT, and The Shard defeated Mike QuackenbushHallowicked, and Frightmare by pinfall. Jigsaw was able to isolate Frightmare and execute a Jig-N-Tonic assisted by a top rope double stomp from The Shard, at 15:22.

7.Eddie Kingston defeated Kevin Steen by pinfall in 15:20, to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship. After the contest, Green Ant came down to congratulate the champion on his title defense and to challenge Kingston to a championship match. The challenge was accepted for March 9th in Orlando, Florida at “The Watchmaker.” Kingston then slapped the respectful challenger, setting the tone for the championship bout.

*During a fan giveaway, Ophidian came down when a fan won a mask of his nemesis. Ophidian then attacked a section of fans wearing Amasis masks. This seemed very unusual, as officials and staff members put themselves in physical harm to stop the attack. Then the real Amasis appeared to haunt Ophidian again. A hush fell over the crowd and many fans removed their Amasis masks for the rest of the evening.

8.3.0 defeated The Young Bucks, two falls to one, to return to the promised land by winning the Campeonatos de Parejas. The first fall was in favor of The Young Bucks and came at 6:22. The second fall quickly evened things up for 3.0 at 7:08, and the deciding championship fall occured at the 21 minute mark. During the contest, the Devastation Corporation with Sidney Bakabella came out to scout for their upcoming title bout with the winners.

*This event concluded the season opening weekend for CHIKARA and will be made available by Smart Mark Video. CHIKARA returns to action March 8th and 9thin Tampa and Orlando, Florida.*

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