FOOM! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 2/13/13.

Once again we showcase the comic book covers that stood out from the crowd this week.  Once again we thank the fine folks at Zeus Comics for their easy to navigate checklist featuring all the cover images needed to make great buying decisions on comic book day.  Sure, some titles wont be in the Cards at Zeus but you don’t want nor need titles like that anyways.

Lets get this comic party started!

Archer and Armstrong #7


Such a laid back attitude.  Then his violent little partner.  Very mischievous pose.

Batman #17


Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Before Watchmen: The Comedian #5


Grey skies are gonna clear up.  Paint with blood a happy face.

Charismagic The Death Princess #2


Dinosaurs and deadly women?  I’ll take two!

Executive Assistant Assassins #8


I absolutely love the colors used on Lily.

Marvel Universe Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #11


Anytime Thor and Hercules fight it should be showcased.  And look at that adorable little Hulk!

Peter Panzerfaust #9


That hook, and this character, may just become one of the most iconic images of 2013.

Saucer Country #12


I have conspiracy theory loving friends who truly believe that this will occur someday soon.  Comic or prophecy?

Supurbia #4


I’ll admit, if I hadn’t read the previous issues this cover might not pop so much.  But as I have, holy shit this is intense.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #22


Some sort of plant vs machine story featuring Iron Man could be very interesting.

The Walking Dead #107


If only Carl stayed in the damn house.  But seriously, I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to try to get this off of ComiXology before work.


Wolverine and the X-Men #25




I just love everything about the use of the iPhone here.

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