Batgirl #17 Full Spoiler Review.

From DC Comics and considering I’m not going to say anything good about anyone here I’ll leave the rest of the names out.


This review will contain spoilers and frank discussion about the issue.   If you haven’t read it or don’t want to know things then stop reading.  For the rest of you, carry on after the break.

This comic comes after the life changing events of Death of the Family.  A story that culminated in Batman #17, also out today.  And you wouldn’t know it.  Batgirl/Barbara Gordon starts to track down some of Joker’s mob.  Barely a mention or a reference to the horrible ordeal she and the rest of her bat family just went through.

No instead she takes out three former clowns.  Then comes toe to toe with Firebug, a joke of a villain.  He’s even presented as a joke.  Barbara gets upset that he’s in a costume.  Is she forgetting the world she lives in?  Of course anyone who commits good or evil acts over the normal is going to wear some sort of costume.

All of this while she is watched, and the story is possibly narrated by, James Gordon Jr.  He is crazy, possibly homicidal, and she has a reluctant phone call with him.  Uh huh.  Ok bro.  Yup you’re a douche too.  Give my best to mom.  You’re such a shit.  Did you take your medicines?

How about asking how and why he is on the fucking street Barbara?  At least your father has the good sense to want him locked up.

All of this in a very over written story.  I’m all for dense comic books but this was dense with no meaning.  Half the words were meaningless.

The art however is outstanding.  Great differences between Barbara and Batgirl.  Batgirl always looks heroic and impressive.  The backgrounds are incredibly detailed.  Gotham police department looks crowded and dirty, like most over worked and under pain police buildings should be.  Then there is a great page full of heavy blacks showcasing James Jr.

I would come back to Batgirl with a different writer and the same artist.  Also, it would be more enjoyable to read if it was either fully in the bat universe (and said more about Death of the Family) or completely out of it.

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