Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #4 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.



Now four issues into the ongoing series things become tougher.  Tougher for any series.  Many fans are becoming conditioned to expect big first issues and any other landmark issue will be publicized and spoiled in USA Today.  Well that’s a disservice to the creators because Grace and Russell are still if not more amazing as the first issue.

After the brutal murder and daring escape from last month’s issue where is there to go?  The answer is to go inside.  This issue is all about conversations and decisions.  Its one of those “nothing happens” issues that lesser fans complain about.  Its one of the great building drama issues that the smart true fans really love.

Helen Heart is becoming a stronger more heroic character than Sovereign.  Then there is Ruth’s big reveal.  I hope you all read the mini series too because if there is an award at the end of the year for most manipulative character Ruth has it locked up.  She is not the redeemed sinner she portrays to Helen.  Their relationship is sure to become one of the highlights of the next few issues and when all is revealed, it will be one of the best fights as well.  All of this surrounding the fact that the one true super power on that Earth is Sovereign.

While that was the highlight of the issue look at how much else is being built up.  The rift between Agent Twilight and the Night Fox.  Jeremy trying to figure out what to do to save and protect both Batu and Eli.  Plus I don’t know what the hell happened at the end with Sara but I’ll be spending the next 30 days speculating.

Thank you Grace and Russell for continuing to be at the top of the stack every month.  Supurbia brings drama back to comics.

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