Who’s the New Girl on The Big Bang Theory?

Just to avoid any possible anger I’ll throw the full spoiler alert and a page break on this.  Read it now, or come back after the episode airs to find out more.

Click after the page break for all the details.


Its Kate Micucci!


22 episodes of Raising Hope, 12 episodes of ‘Til Death, numerous one off appearances.  But best and most recognizable of all she’s the Gooch on Scrubs!  The one that stole Ted’s heart.  The amazing singer and the ingenue with the ukulele.

If you love seeing her act you’ll be even happier and more impressed with her two girl act, Garfunkel and Oates.  Kate, along with Riki Lindhome tear the house down with their musical sets.

Behold numerous videos of Kate’s songs!




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