Casa Hellions Goes Pop!

I don’t know how it started, but somehow me and the Mrs have started to build a new collection of Funko Pop! figures.  Is it because they are adorable?  Is it because our blogging buddy Reis works for the company?  Could it be an impulse gift idea that then led to another being bought and suddenly we need a place to display them in all their glory?

Really the point is, LOOK TOYS!




Look at the little guys!  They are so frickin cute.  We bought that little shelf just for them.  The desk would be a good place for me to put the laptop and write constantly from there but nah I’ll just sit on the couch instead.




OMG Kevin that’s so cool you have a Conan one!  No no.  Right actor, wrong part.  Maybe the next figure will shed some light on this.





His and Hers POP figures!  I can hear my wife now:  “Kevin!  Kevin!  Where are my POP dragons?!”

We debated for a long time on how to display these.  In the end we decided that part of how beautiful these figures are is the packaging as well.  Also, it doesn’t take up that much more room that it would out of the package.  Plus now anytime I’m writing up a Game of Thrones post I don’t have to look up how to spell Daenerys Targaryen, I only have to look to the left.

This next one was a big Christmas present:





My first ever Comic Con exclusive figure.  Blood splattered Rick!  Far as I can tell it was a NYCC exclusive.  I love that its not just a repaint but that they added the bloody details to the box too.  I don’t know how much she spent, nor do I care because its so pretty.  If we didn’t already have the POP collection this would have started it.  Or a larger Walking Dead collection.  Possibly blood splattered figures collection.





Wait a minute.  The Thor and Captain America figures have the Avengers logo but Captain America sports Marvel.  That means there’s multiple versions.  Variants!  A new obsession grows!  I must have them all.

First up, flocked Beast.

One comment

  1. You have started a bold collection- so many franchises…. The missus and I are just Green Arrow and Hawkman short of the Justice League. I think Robin, Penguin, and Batgirl all look pretty good, but we set limits, Justice League limits. You? You are wild.

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