How the WWE Universe is Predicting the 2013 Elimination Chamber.



Its that time again!  The hardest working woman on the internet, Solace Winter, has compiled 138 picks from wrestling fans around the universe.  The WWE Universe that is.  Compiling these picks together gives us a good idea of how well WWE is doing in making this show unpredictable.  Sure “anything can happen in the WWE” but does it happen?  Lets see if the fans are split, or decidedly in one camp.

The brand new WWE tag team of Brodus Clay and Tensai (I’m trying to get Team Kaiju going for that one) already have 75% of fans picking them to win over Team Rhodes Scholars.  Of course part of that could be because just a week ago we were told that Cody and Damien were going their separate ways.

A new champion, a face turn, and Alberto Del Rio has become unstoppable.  79% of fans, the biggest majority of the night, see Del Rio continuing to hold the title.  Sometimes the road to WrestleMania is well paved with many signs guiding us away from any surprises or detours.

The Divas title is nearly as anticlimactic as the World title.  78% of the Universe sees Kaitlyn retaining the title.  In fact the 22% that see Tamina winning consist of @Superfly and @DontCallMeDeuce.

The closest match of the night is the big six man, no I mean elimination, I mean…. What the hell kind of match is this now?  Anyways 52% of fans see the Shield winning this one.  48% see Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena winning this one.  Two former world champions plus a potential future one are going into this as the underdogs.  Against three men who have only had one match on WWE programming.  Now that is one over group.

The figure four isn’t getting anyone behind the Miz.  67% of fans see Antonio Cesaro keeping the US title.  The Miz has had so many starts and stops over the last year that the “rookie” seems like a stronger force.

Holy crap!  I am honestly shocked at the picks for the Elimination Chamber.  This is the biggest variance of the evening.  I cannot believe how split everyone is.  In fact, besides the rumored WrestleMania match for two of these men the numbers aren’t that far apart.  Chris Jericho leads with 33% of the fans behind his return.  Mark Henry, also just returned, comes back with 23$ of the vote.  The best ranking for someone who has been in WWE consistently over the last year is Randy Orton with 20%.  Not a good showing for the Viper, who I keep saying really needs something more with his characters.  Back to the returning stars, Jack Swagger – a true patriot – gets 14% of the fans.  Kane and Daniel Bryan battle it out at the bottom with 5% and 4% of the votes respectively.  Is it wrong that seeing this divide has actually made me more excited for the match?

Finally, that Road to WrestleMania is paved with asphalt.  Which is made up of little tiny rocks.  That’s right, most of the fans think the Rock has this one lined up.  75% of the fans see no surprise and no drama in this match.  That still leaves CM Punk with 24%.   Hopefully that one fan that picked No Contest fools us all.


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