Dork Horde Christmas Finally Comes to the Blog.

Hey its February so it is really about time that I finally blog about the Dork Horde Secret Santa exchange.  I loved participating in this and I loved the gifts.  This will be a new yearly tradition for me to be sure.  Problem is I try to write so much, plus work, plus everything else in regular life, plus review copies, plus really wanting a cool place to take pictures of things that I kept putting this off and putting this off.  Well that’s just stupid.  How else to give thanks to the mysterious Horde member who sent me cool things?  So if the pictures aren’t great who cares, this is about celebration.  Alright, enough apologies lets get to it.

So for those who may not know, I’m part of the Dork Horde.  This was started by and run by Reis, creator of the Lair of the Dork Horde blog.

I’ve been following Reis’s blogs from the current incarnation, and back to Hey Look… and all the way back to Geek Orthodox.  Really an amazing and creative guy.  Take a few minutes to look around that blog.  Anyways, Reis offered up the idea of a Secret Santa exchange for any member of the Dork Horde.  In a random draw I got Shezcrafti and she blogged all about it over here:

Now the problem is, Jaime sent some amazing things on her own.  Plus you’ll see what I got in a minute here.  So I feel like what I sent her was kind of crap.  In comparison.  Its great stuff but if I knew how amazing everyone else was going to be I would have done more.  Next year.

Anyways, so my stuff arrives in a box which has since been taken apart or else I would have taken a picture of that too.  Wish I had because it had a zip code on there so I could have solved the secret.  But I did remember to take a picture of the note.




I really should have taken a picture of all this stuff in a pile.  Just a cornucopia of geek.  Mostly wrestling related geek but we’ll get to that in a moment.  So I have this note from “El Santo Claus”.  I immediately compared it to post its Reis has put on other things he’s sent me.  That, plus another gift picture you’ll see towards the end of this article leads me to believe that Reis himself is my Secret Santa.  If I’m wrong I apologize over and over again.  But I really did some research to try to confirm this and I think I’m right.

On to the other treasures.





Two packs of Lego blind bag figures!  I bought two packs of Monster Fighters that I’ve yet to put together (much to the wife’s dismay) and I have a previous blind bagged clown.  But there is so much joy and excitement in these toys.  They’re creative, adorable, and limitless with potentials.  I should have taken the next two figures apart and made something crazier but I’m so new to this new golden age of Lego stuff that I’m still enjoying them as what they’re “supposed” to look like.  I’m sure I’ll get into a mix and match stage at some point.

HordeXmas04 HordeXmas05 HordeXmas06 HordeXmas07 HordeXmas08



These are so cool!  I’m not sure if the squeeze method was used to guarantee these two figures or if I ended up being extremely lucky.   Either way these are probably going to be the beginning of a new collection.  On average they run 3 dollars, take up no space, and are immensely fun.  I do want to get a Batman one now just to place next to the bat-man here.

From Batman to other muscled people.  M.U.S.C.L.E.!

HordeXmas09 HordeXmas10 HordeXmas11 HordeXmas12


I haven’t held or seen a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure in 20-25  years.  These things are so damn pretty.  Sure I can look up the names of these guys but I think it might be more fun to come up with my own backstory for each of them.  I’m going to assume the ones with some color are from the Ultimate MUSCLE cartoon of a couple years ago.  Its the best cross over toy for my interests.  A love of 80s properties plus pro wrestling.  Expect these little guys to make frequent appearances here.

From Japan to Mexico.  Its Lucha time!

HordeXmas13 HordeXmas14



El Superbeasto!  From the mind of Rob Zombie!  Another reason to believe this is from Reis.  A while back the League had a play list and mine was mostly rock music and a fair amount of metal.  Reis’s was all metal.  Faces melted.  Who else would have this in package?  (Seriously I’m going to feel like such an asshole if I’m wrong.)

I have no idea if I will take this out or leave it in package.  The packaging is so wonderful, really incredible art.  But a figure like that needs to be free!   It wouldn’t be so tough if it wasn’t for this other figure’s fate.

HordeXmas15 HordeXmas16


A classic Bane figure from the Batman Animated Series!  Now I don’t know what to do.  I decided to start taking figures out of packaging because none of this stuff is going to be worth Star Wars mint money.  But there’s so much going on here.  I wasn’t a kid when this cartoon aired, but I feel like I was.  So much joy and perfection.  As we get ready for baby Hellions and rearrange the collection lets see how this toy ends up.

Finally take a look at the masks in the background of this video from Reis.


I do believe that the El Santo mask in the background is the same mask that you’re about to see… on my head!



Feast your eyes on El Hellio del Santo!

I obviously don’t know how to wear a mask.  Nor do I have any idea how the hell I ended up doing duck face under it.  None of this was on purpose.  But its so so much fun to have this.  I’ll have to look for more.  Rumor is they’re dirt cheap in Mexico then scalped up in the US.  I’ll have to check on this.

So thank you for these amazing Christmas gifts!  I look forward to all of this again at the end of 2013.  Now I should try to take pictures and write up what my wife got me.


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