Wrestling is Fun in Haverhill, MA Results.

Results sent courtesy of our friends at Wresting Is.


Wrestling is Art!

Haverhill High School in Haverhill, MA.

February 16, 2013

1.        Sugar Dunkerton defeated Francis Frank” O’Rourke with a Shining Wizard in 11:54.

2.       Kobald pinned Jervis Cottonbelly by remaining on his chest following the Demon Toilet in 9 minutes.

3.       The Batiri defeat Drew Gulak and The Estonian ThunderFrog by pinfall in 10:02

4.       Chuck Taylor defeated AR Fox in 12:28 with the Awful Waffle.

5.       Mike Quackenbush was able to defeat Jaka in 14:46 by countering a sunset flip attempt.

6.       Tim Donst defeated Colt Cabana in 13:10 by knocking Cabana out with the protective cap covering the ring post.

7.       The Devastation Corporation (managed exclusively by Sidney Bakabella) defeated The Colony by pinfall in 14:25, with the Death Blow on assailANT.


*A crowd of over 400 came out for the debut show. The event will be made available through Smart Mark Video. Wrestling is Art returns to Haverhill, MA on May 11th*

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