Top 4 of Superstars 2/21/13

The reason I started writing these blogs a little over a year ago, besides to praise Scott Stanford and get his name out there further, was to let people see through my eyes the greatness I see in the little shows. Superstars and NXT mostly, as they were widely neglected, or laughed at. NXT has taken a turn where people are now pretending to care, even if they still aren’t watching, but Superstars… even I laugh at Superstars now. There is less than 15 minutes of wrestling on this episode, but the show itself lasts 46 minutes. They brought Main Event to being taped before Smackdown and don’t pretend to bother with Superstars anymore.

They seem torn, as well, of whether they want to actually put on a good show on Superstars by giving you people you might care about, or by giving you complete throwaways. “We were pushing 3MB, but we have Shield, and we can’t do two stables at once, so here’s a bit of them on Superstars just to appease the die hards.” Because that’s all that watch this show anymore, die hards. Hell, you have a lot of fans who just don’t bother with Smackdown anymore. They tell you it’s because it’s taped, but the amount of people who watch the live shows would tell you that isn’t the fact. People just aren’t that interested. So what’s going wrong?

But that’s not the point here. The point is I’m supposed to do a top 4. But they give me two matches to work with. Two! I hate the commentary (sorry Striker) so I can’t even try to put that somewhere on this list. I’m about to have to break down and put “Hey, it’s that ref” as #3 and “Damn that sign was awesome,” as #4.

But then you get Main Event, where they may only have two matches, but they have promos, and they have better commentary. I could pull a Top 4 out of that.

What’s the point of all of this, you ask? Next week I’m going to combine the two together and start a Top 4 that is about Main Event and Superstars. Because, really, how do they hold up against one another?

Thanks for listening to my rant and watch Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre on Superstars. Because even though you’ve seen it quite a few times before, these two don’t fail in the ring. At least against one another.

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