The League One Year Anniversary.

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers celebrates their one year anniversary this week.  As a means of celebration, lets take a look back at the posts from the past year.  This will link over to many other blogs, worthy of your reading and daily bookmarks.


Saturday Matinee

  • Christopher Tupa is still searching for One Eyed Willie’s treasure. Be sure to check out his illustrations! (Goonies)
  • TL at the “Flashlights are Something to Eat” came up with one of the more obscure choices that instantly flooded me with nostalgia for summer camp. (Poison Ivy)
  • Charles Raymond at Geek Show Ink likes Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • …while Stacey Raider of Pendragon’s Post prefers the Temple of Doom.
  • Jeff Sparkman at Siftin’ gets brownie points for dressing up in tights in support of his pick. (Superman II)
  • Jason Wilson at I Fart Online was of the same mindset, but didn’t wear the tights. (Superman)
  • Justin at Generals Joes also likes his superheroes, but he’s more of a Marvel fan. (Spiderman TV series)
  • I thought for sure that Predator was going to be the choice for Fiji Mermaid over at Sideshow Cinema but another horror movie took the honor. (Fright Night)
  • Monsterfink’s Midnight Monster Spookshow totally surprised me for NOT choosing a horror movie. (Yellow Submarine)
  • Nat. Not Nate. Dot Net. came up with possibly the most obscure movie. (The Final Countdown)
  • “I know you are but what am I?” Michael May’s Adventureblog chose a true icon for his movie: (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure)
  • I swear, sometimes I think Shawn Robare and I were separated at birth. Branded in the 80′s chimed in with one of my all time favorite movies. (Red Dawn)
  • Bantor2 over at Eidetic Memory brought back some serious testosterone-fueled nostalgia with his movie.(Bloodsport)
  • The Claymation Werewolf never disappoints with his unique take on pop culture. Any Johnny Utah fans out there? (Point Break)
  • Paxton Holley at the Cavalcade of Awesome chose a movie that I was sure would get several mentions. “Marty, we have to go back!” (Back to the Future)
  • The Sexy Geek’s house of Swag also has fond memories of MJ and Doc brown. (Back to the Future)
  • In true form, Jeremy at Geek Chunks had a truly weird selection. (Weird Science)
  • Dex1138 at the AEIOU and Sometimes Why blog has seen his “Go to” movie a lot. A whole lot! (Star Wars)
  • The doubledumbassonyou blog picked a trifecta, and I can’t argue with any of them. (Big Trouble in Little China, Transformers: The Movie, and Flash Gordon)
  • Another fan of those fighting robots: Fairplay Things: (Transformers)
  • And in closing, CT from the Nerd Lunch crew has the distinction of selecting the only movie on this list that I just don’t understand. (Buckaroo Banzai)

Hollywood Treasure

  • Apparently, Christopher Tupa needs a bigger boat, and thinksOne Eyed Willie’s pirate ship from Goonies would be just right.
  • It would be a beautiful day for TL at Flashlights are Something to Eat if he could get the trolley from Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.
  • Nat. Not Nate. Dot Net. came up with one of the more obscure (but awesome) items in choosing the Thunder Road ship from the movie Explorers.
  • Iok from That Figures joined us this week and was surprisingly the only one who picked the Tardis from Dr. Who.
  • Gina at MercanStyle had one of my favorite choices with Miss Piggy and her bicycle from the Great Muppet Caper.
  • Matt Can Draw came up with another one of those items that just tore at my 10-year-old heart strings with his choice of the map used in Time Bandits.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why picked an item that I’m not even sure exists outside of CGI, but it sure would be fun to ride the Lightcycle from Tron.
  • Shawn Robare at Branded in the 80′s would like to have a full-size AT-ST Scout Walker from Star Wars in his backyard (and who wouldn’t!).
  • Reis O’Brien at the Lair of the Dork Horde likes his cars (and couldn’t pick just one!).
  • Bubba Shelby of Toyriffic went way, way back for his selection of the robot, Maria, from Metropolis.
  • Monster Fink at the Midnight Monster Spookshow gets the prize for the most creative answer by wanting exclusive rights to all of the Universal monsters.
  • Justin at GeneralsJoes tried really hard to come up with a great GI Joe prop, and he had to dig pretty deep to find an acceptableCobra Commander prop.
  • I like big thinkers, and Michael May’s Adventure Blog certainly thought on a grand scale by choosing Tarzan’s Treehouse.
  • Brian at Cool and Collected (yours truly) would love to go ape and have a Planet of the Apes soldier ape swinging around in his cave.
  • John at the Revenge from the Cosmic Ark had a bunch of ideas, but my favorite of his choices was a full-size King Kong.
  • The Sexy Geek’s House of Swag made a solid choice in selecting the 1966 Batmobile.
  • Jason at I Fart Online chose another sweet ride, the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions picked the second treehouse of the week, with the Monster Squad Tree house.
  • Stacey from the Pendragon’s Post wants to redecorate her house to recreate the set from Pee Wee’s playhouse.
  • Fiji Mermaid of Sideshow Cinema got his pick in just in time. Fittingly, his selection was the time traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future.
  • Jeremy at Geek Chunks had 30 seconds to comply with his selection of the ED-209 robot from Robocop.
  • Colin at FairPlay Things had a few great ideas, but his choice ofan actual person should possibly be a whole new topic!

Where Are They Now

  • Reis O’Brien at the Lair of the Dork Horde wants to see an intergalactic rematch in The Last Starfighter.
  • Shawn Robare, of Branded in the 80′s would love to see more hairy situations with a sequel to The Peanut Butter Solution.
  • Christopher Tupa thinks David Bowie still has what it takes and wants to revisit Labyrinth.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why also wondered whatever happened with the Labyrinth.
  • Michael May’s Adventureblog thinks Tom Cruise should make a followup to Legend (maybe they could call it “Legend-wait for it-ary”).
  • TL at Flashlights are Something to Eat wonders whatever happened to the kids from Shermer High’s Breakfast Club.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected (that’s me!) was also curious about how the Breakfast Club spent the last 30 years.
  • Iok from That Figures chooses to forget the Crystal Skull even happened, and wants to see another Indiana Jones movie.
  • Paxton Holley at the Cavalcade of Awesome imagines Matthew Broderick as a top NSA cryptographer in the sequel to War Games.
  • The Claymation Werewolf was surprisingly the first to chime in on The Monster Squad (but not the last!).
  • Soon after, Double Dumbass on You quickly turned in his report on The Monster Squad.
  • And Kevin over at Team Hellions also imagined a sequel to The Monster Squad. (Hollywood, make this happen!)
  • Fiji Mermaid at Sideshow Cinema wants to revisit those nice young boys from Kids.
  • Tom at Freak Studios was the only one brave enough to tackle aGoonies reunion.
  • I haven’t seen Olivia Newton John in a while, but John atRevenge from the Cosmic Ark would love to see a modern sequel to Xanadu (he also had a couple of honorable mentions:Message from Space and Star Crash).
  • The Sexy Geeks House of Swag wants to go Back to the Future a fourth time…
  • While Colin at Fairplaythings looks into the future 30 years, in anticipation of a Kick Ass sequel with a 75 year old Nic Cage.
  • BubbaShelby at Toyriffic also cheated a little and wondered whatScott Pilgrim would be up to in 30 years. (That’s okay guys. The League encourages cheating. We call it “being creative!”)
  • Harley at the Eidetic Memory tackled the only animated entry this week in choosing Hey Arnold!
  • And finally, Jeff at Siftin’ came up with a documentary idea that absolutely NEEDS to be made: Shermer, Illinois.

March Madness

Snake Plissken

John at the Revenge from the Cosmic Ark

Iok at That Figures

Jason Bourne

Brian at Cool & Collected

Bruce Lee

Kevin at Team Hellions

John McClane

Harley at My Eidetic Memory


Tom at Freak Studios brought to light my obvious omission in leaving Conan off this list.


Hollywood Blockbusters

  • Ashley at Life with Fandom joined us for his first League post this week and would cast an epic Space Opera.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions put together an all-girl team.
  • Paxton Holley at the Cavalcade of Awesome loves those hackers.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected thinks Hollywood needs moreWesterns.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dork Horde would roll the dice on aDungeons and Dragons movie.
  • Iok at That Figures has cast an amazing Community movie.
  • John at the Revenge from the Cosmic Ark Wants to introduceCannonball Run to this generation.
  • Tom at Freak Studios wants a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle buddy flick.
  • Michael May’s Adventure Blog loves a good pirate movie.

Zombie Apocalypse

  • Christopher Tupa had an inspired pick. I just hope all those gold chains don’t attract the zombies’ attention.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom thinks the zombies are just the first wave in an alien attack, so he has chosen his partner wisely.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected will gladly cower behind a macho manwhen the zombies attack.
  • Jason at I Fart Online picked a doctor to be by his side. (No, not THAT doctor.)
  • John at the Revenge from the Cosmic Ark had the brilliant idea to spend the apocalypse with a beautiful woman (and her machine gun leg).
  • Iok at That Figures had an amusing choice, but I would get tired of constantly hearing. “Where’s Carl?”
  • Reis at the lair of the Dorke Horde has chosen a character who the zombies wouldn’t even hear coming.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why chose an entire zombie fighting team.
  • Mike at the Sexy Geek chose an appropriately named guy to challenge the undead.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions picked some nerdy guy I’ve never heard of, and is probably going to regret his decision.
  • Jeremy at Geek Chunks shows off his mad Photoshop skills with his zombie fighting companion.
  • Jeff at Siftin’ had a wonderful pick this week.
  • Fiji Mermaid at Sideshow Cinema chose an indestructable ally.
  • Tom at Freak Studios went a different route and selected the slow fat kid.
  • Rather than fighting it out, Michael May plans to hop aboard a spaceship and find a planet without zombies. Smart man.

Everything’s Better with Michael Bay

  • Chris Tupa was brave enough to admitting to enjoying MB films, and would like to see more. Some of his ideas don’t sound that crazy!
  • The Claymation Werewolf was so excited for this week’s topic, that he actually wrote his response last November. (He must have a Delorean with a flux capacitor in his garage.)
  • Brian at Cool & Collected thinks Michael Bay would have had an interesting take on hit films of the 80′s.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom has an idea that actually sounds pretty cool. Bay couldn’t screw up a cartoon could he? oh wait.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why had another concept that might actually work under the skilled tutelage of Michael Bay.
  • John at the Revenge of the Cosmic Ark wants to see how Bay handles some poppin’ and lockin’.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions figures MB would be the perfect fit for a wrestling movie (but I’m not sure America could handle that much testosterone).
  • Jeff at Siftin’ came up with a Plan for a classic remake where Ed Wood meets Michael Bay. (brain. hurts.)
  • Michael May (not to be confused with Bay) thinks a remake of aJohn Travolta classic should be put into motion.
  • And finally, I guarantee that Tom at Freak Studios did more research than anyone else for his response.


  • TL at Flashlights are Something to Eat waxed nostalgic about how you can’t go home again (or something like that). He made me feel old. And sad.
  • Lefty Limbo may have been afraid of getting hit by the ball, but he wasn’t afraid of an old Atari 800XL video game.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why, went way back in time for his favorite baseball arcade game.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom remembers baseball video games, but he also asks “Who’s on first?” 
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dorke Horde reminds us what it was like to be a kid in the early 80′s. (Nostalgia Warning!)
  • John at Revenge from the Cosmic Ark has fond memories of playing a vintage nintendo game. (League vote: does softball count?)
  • Paxton at the Cavalcade of Awesome put on his GM’s cap and assembled an all-star team of movie baseball players.
  • Clarence at the Red-Headed Mule joined the League this week with his lineup of pop culture greats. Maybe he and Pax should go head to head?
  • Jon at Double Dumbass on You might very well be the only true baseball fan in the League, and his post made me want to take in a game.
  • My head is still spinning after reading the Claymation Werewolf’s response. (Two points for being the first in the League to mention Tony Micelli.)
  • Kevin at Team Hellions had to dig through a stack of comicsbefore coming up with anything related to baseball.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected struggled with this week’s topic, but finally came up with a sappy nod to one of his favorite movies.
  • Michael May’s Adventure Blog recalls the simpler times ofPeanuts and Chuck Jones among other things.

Holy Grails and White Whales

  • TL at Flashlights are Something to Eat keeps educating us on the underground collecting circuit of Mister Rogers toys.
  • I seriously want to go over to the Sexy Geek’s House of Swag and play with his toys.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dork Horde had a list straight out of the childhood of any boy born in the 70′s. (I want them all!)
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom is on the lookout for an epic plastic playset.
  • Tommy at Top Hat Sasquatch joined the League this week and has two ambitious toy lines in his sights.
  • Jasonvorhee’s Blog also joined the League this week and Jason writes about his quest for some great 80′s toys.
  • As usual, Brian at Cool & Collected is on a quest for a giant gorilla.
  • Charles at Geek Show Ink is looking for some incredible original comic art.
  • Eric at Toyriffic is looking for Godzilla’s flying pal. 
  • Paxton at the Cavalcade of Awesome gets two bonus points for mentioning the Misfits of Science in his list of holy grails.
  • Shawn at Branded in the 80′s wants a complete set of everyone’s favorite trading cards and some other elusive treasures from the 80′s.
  • Lefty Limbo brought a tear to my eye with his tale of just missing his white whale.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions really likes books and magazines with scantily-clad oily men (and really, who doesn’t?).
  • Stacey at Pendragon’s Post is living the dream while looking for a Wonder Woman’s super foe.
  • Jason at I Fart Online is looking for some candy that comes in abig, mean, and green dispenser.
  • Brad at Sideshow Cinema is hoping to find a creepy Halloween mask at a yard sale (but only of it has dreadlocks).
  • Jeff at Siftin’ tells a great childhood tale–one that continues to this day with his quest for that one last action figure.
  • Michael May is looking to stalk a few Star Trek actors.

Prized Possessions

  • Charles at Geek Show Ink saved an amazing piece of original art.
  • Bubba Shelby at Toyriffic hopped on his sweet ride and got out of town…
  • …and Lefty Limbo was right there with him, pedaling like he had E.T. in his basket.
  • Flywheels joined the League and goes into robot salvage mode.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom is taking a little muscle with him.
  • Shawn at Branded in the 80′s is rescuing his childhood companion.
  • TL at Flashlights Are Something to Eat, finally explains the name of his site with his sentimental save.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected is scaling tall buildings with a gorillain one fist and a spaceman in the other.
  • Fong at Haxbee joined the League and kicked things off with an epic save.
  • Jon at Double Dumbass on You has nothing to fear, because he’s bringing along his old pal, Jack.
  • As usual, Kevin at Team Hellions is kicking ass and taking names–er, autographs.
  • Jason Vorhees’ Blog is getting the old gang back together and getting out of Dodge.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dorke Horde is grabbing his doll and jumping in the station wagon.
  • And Mike at the Sexy Geek’s House of Swag is grabbing the autograph of some guy named George Herman Ruth Jr.

When We Were 12

Sweet Rides

  • Shawn at Branded in the 80′s picked a motorcycle, and a helicopter, and then a combination of the two.
  • Fong at Haxbee gets 2 points for actually having ridden in his “sweetest ride” (and I am GREEN with envy).
  • Chris at Tupa’s Treasures made me smile with his bird-emblazoned selections.
  • Lefty Limbo really raised some eyebrows and dropped some jaws with his top pick. I don’t know what it is, but I want one!
  • Brian at Cool & Collected likes his classic cars to have a bit of attitude.
  • Rob at Action Figure Chat likes some mean rides, and delved into the video game arena for one of his picks, which was genius!
  • Iok at That Figures selected a sweet ride that you can also use to prop open the screen door on a breezy day.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom had some of the most eclectic selections of the week. I didn’t even think of animals as qualifying for this week’s topic!
  • Michael at Memories of Toymorrow had a great pick that just goes to show that we all interpret these weekly topics in our own way, eh.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why visits a galaxy far, far away for his sweet ride.
  • I figured Flywheels’ pick would be a Transformer, but which one?!?
  • Adam is The man who stares at toys, and he had some truly inspired picks for his sweet rides. (Someone really needs to make a real-life Foot Cruiser. Get on that, internet!)
  • Jason at Jason Vorhees picked his sweet ride right out of everyone’s favorite 80′s cartoon. (And by “everyone, I mean “me.”)
  • Paxton at the Cavalcade of Awesome dug very, very deep for a couple of his rides.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions went with “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…” oh wait, wrong cartoon. Still an awesome choicethough.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dorke Horde loves his cars, but there can only be one.



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Top 10 Movies

Reality TV Treasure Hunters

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Comic Book Men

Bargain Hunt

The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer 

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Patriotic Pop Culture

What Makes You Cry?

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Show Me Some Green


Ack! I missed one! Check out the green over on Pendragon’s Post.


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  1. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year. Happy anniversary! I know I dropped off way back when, but I’ll try to contribute when I can. Keep up the great work!

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